Am I Still A Separatist? The Canada Question

A lot of the sentiment driving people to consider Separatism in Alberta at present stems from a lot of the suffering emerging over our current economic malaise, a consequence of systematic mismanagement by the Federal Government as well as other Municipal and Provincial governments across the country. Moreover, that suffering is exacerbated by the systematic … More Am I Still A Separatist? The Canada Question

Alberta Independence and the American Redoubt

The past two years has been a bit of a slow motion SHTF situation for my home province of Alberta. The Canadian main stream media has highlighted repeatedly how the present economic recession we are experiencing is a consequence of the drop in oil prices, although there are also several other factors exacerbating our circumstances. … More Alberta Independence and the American Redoubt

Alberta’s Grief

I was recently challenged by a few folks on an online discussion about my apocalyptic assessment of the current situation in Alberta.  My adversaries, quite legitimately described what I was saying as “gloom and doom.” This was my response to him. Before I share it, I want to clarify that though I speak specifically to … More Alberta’s Grief

Alberta Women

A year ago, I sat in at a conference room for an on-boarding session with the company I had just been hired on with.  I like to think I live up to the stereotype of the “disloyal Millennial job-hopper,” changing jobs ever 2-3 years.  With my experience, corporate on-boarding meetings aren’t anything new to me. At this meeting, … More Alberta Women

Canada is a Dictatorship

Dictatorship – a country, government, or the form of government in which absolute power is exercised by a dictator. Sounds an awful lot like Canada, only we have periodic exercises to democratically elect our dictators. As an “Old Stock” Albetan, there is no way Thomas Mulcair would have been my first choice as dictator.  In spite of this, the Mulcair’s campaign … More Canada is a Dictatorship

Real Change Won’t Come From Trudeau, but In Spite of Him

Before I had even considered Alberta separation, I knew big change was coming.  We already see it being manifest in many new developments, including ares two of interest to me: the Sharing Economy and Cryptocurrency. In my discussions with an older conservative federalist, he often would ridicule me for my belief that a “major event” … More Real Change Won’t Come From Trudeau, but In Spite of Him