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On 5 October, 2016, coming up on my first year blogging about Separatism, I have published 55 articles.

I have 71 draft posts that I have started but never completed.

I have had 41,003 views from 32,423 visitors.

I am honored and thank every one who has visited and supported my blog, but I need your help to keep it going.

On average, I spend 1-2 hours researching and writing to produce a blog post.  I can not guarantee that everything I write is factually correct, but I try my hardest to make sure it is.

This takes time.

Time I have had to spend away from my family, away from my business, away from my other passions and pursuits.  But it is time I think worth while.

I strive to provide new and unique content on the subject of Western Canadian Separatism that will arm other separatists with the knowledge to convince others about the relevance and necessity for separatism.

If you share this vision with me and see value in what I write, here is how you can help me out:

  • Share articles that resonate with you.  Check my “Archives” section for a list of all my past blog posts
  • Comment on posts.  I am not a Millennial SJW.  I welcome all feedback, positive and negative.  Feedback gives me an idea of what resonates and ideas for what to write about next
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I thank you so much for your support!