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  1. The ” Western alienation ” feeling seem to be back. It’s surely as something to do with Justin Trudeau’s eastern majority government.

    Hi Nick, you MUST also create a Facebook page to promote your political point of view !


  2. Nick, can you help me for to learn how to use the gun? I never see, I thought my life no need, but now I want to learn. I don’t want to buy yet, but at least want to know how to use if need.


  3. Hello Nick.

    I was born and raised on a farm outside Taber, Alberta.

    I became disgusted with the Canadian federation after Ontario and Quebec (primarily) kept on re-electing Chretein into power repeatedly after scandal after scandal. I began identifying myself as an Albertan or Western Separatist after the election in 2000 when it became clear to me that we’d never be fairly represented in Ottawa.

    I became a Separatist, but simply chose to leave Canada and immigrate down to California and start a new life. I have remained a separatist from afar but my feelings on the matter have been relatively dormant since the PCs came to power. With the election of the new Kardashian-eque Prime Minister, my separatist feelings have become re-energized.

    Part of the reason for leaving Canada was frustration with how the Canadian political system works. Honestly, part of it was simply warmer weather.

    The American political system is far from perfect. But I consider it superior for two main reasons:

    1. An elected Senate which actually holds some power. Equal representation of every state in the Senate regardless of population. This is an invaluable system of “checks and balances” in my estimation.

    2. Canada has one region who determines every election. Ontario and Quebec. The politicians know this well and know that they basically only have to appease one region. The rest of the regions are mostly irrelevant. Representatives from this one single region hold almost all the power in Ottawa. Comparatively, the US has far more than just one region that dominates the nation politically. The North East wields significant power. As does the Great Lakes region. As does Florida. As does Texas. And finally, as does California. All these regions are diverse, and their cultures significantly different. And all are represented well in the House of Representatives. In Canada, only Ontario and Quebec ultimately matter. And they know this and will not give up what I call “the dictatorship of the majority”.

    Canada needs to reform it’s political system and there simply isn’t any interest in doing this from the two provinces that wield power. So in my estimation, the only alternative is to separate.

    Quebec doesn’t hold the monopoly on separation… and Ottawa needs to discover this fast.

    Worse than Alberta having minimal representation and power in Ottawa is how Alberta is viewed by Ontario and Quebec. Alberta has been the economic engine of Canada for some time, makes transfer payments to the “have not” provinces like Quebec that enable them to pay for their social programs… and yet is disrespected as being a bunch of rednecks.

    Well, I think that Alberta or even Western Canada should split. And forge new alliances and trading with each other and the US. Ontario and Quebec can continue to think of Alberta as backwards… but with no more money being siphoned out of Alberta to pay for their programs anymore.

    It was clear to me back in 2000 that the values of Western Canada… and Alberta especially… were incompatible with the values of Eastern Canada.

    And after this election, more clear now than ever.

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  4. Nick,

    I am glad you have picked up the torch. Like Tedd I am a proud Albertan born in Lethbridge but now living abroad. I did not choose to leave I was economically forced out. I was a child of the NEP which bankrupt my family and gave us little choice but to move South and start over. I am forever thankful we have such a gracious Southern neighbour. Throughout my travels I remain a loyal separatist as there is no other way forward. Do we continue down this path and send another 250 billion eastward? Another 250 with no say or input on how it is allocated or spent? Albertans need to come to the table of truth and understand that once PET said “the Western provinces should be nothing more than the stepping stones for the advancement of Socialism” It was all over. We are just that stepping stones for whatever the east needs and like a stone we are thrown around in the mud to be stepped on. I have been reading a lot, before and after the election, the anti Alberta or rather hate will never change. The east is a cash addict and we are the supplier. This simply needs to end. Everything you have said is bang on.

    Alberta Strong, always, forever wherever.

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  5. To All Albertans;
    This is the best site i have found that is aligned with my family and friends beliefs. The way Western Canada has taken the huge amount of fecal matter from the east is sickening. We are the goose that laid the golden egg for the east but are treated like the slow stepchild. This must end. To watch our beloved leader Justin Trudeau shovel money to foreign countries while our own citizens go hungry and cold remind me of Pierre T. I have been watching federal elections since 1976, and fairly early on i realized that if every registered voter in the west opposed the east it would make no difference due to the lovely Rep By Pop (Representation By Population) system imposed by the power base in the east. By the time the polls close in Ontario the deal is done. And once again we get the shaft, no kiss, no nothing.
    The time has come to let the eastern elite prove how smart they are and let them go on their way, after all, with the lower IQ and backward way that us western country cousins seem to be portrayed, it would be for the best. In the 40 odd years that i have seen and heard the stream of crap that has flowed like a river from east to west the time has come to say enough is enough.
    This country has the capability to be great but there is to much division. It all boils down to respect, we are given zero and because we are not respected we are treated as little more than serfs.
    Structured with care and implemented at the right time, separation is the only alternative. From Manitoba to British Columbia we need to stop being a loose association of grumblers in the coffee shops and pull together to fix this before it is too late. This does not need to take many years to accomplish.
    One of the problems is all the small groups that seem to want the same thing. We need consolidation and a charismatic HONEST leader who is not a professional politician and is 100% committed to the cause.
    I want to help and push forward now, Western Canada must leave, the sooner the better.
    Yes it will be a lot of work and there will be growing pains.
    That is my time for now.
    Keep up the good fight Nick, Thank you for the opportunity and the electronic soap box.

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  6. My thoughts on this About Me: First Generation family in Canada for 100yrs? Still Chinese? Still from the Philippians?. An advantage of being Canadian is the ability to describe ones own culture and national allegiance. Of course that gets confusing but it also generates discussion.

    The term “First Generation” as used in the USA referrers to the children of immigrants. The USA and most countries use that definition because no immigrant can be a full citizen. The immigrant will face many restrictions a “real” citizen would not, regardless of how long they are in the nation.

    Canada is very different than the USA in such matters. In Canada once an immigrant becomes Canadian, is granted citizenship, they become Canadian, they are the First Generation. Though born elsewhere a Canadian faces no restrictions because of that, they are a full citizen, all laws and programs apply to them as they would any Canadian whose family has been in the land for hundreds of years. They could hold the highest of office, and through out Canadian history many have. Canada’s first Prime Minister was first generation, as have many other officials been over the years.

    But many Canadians do not want all the responsibilities that come with being Canadian. For them being a hyphenated o immigrant Canadian allows them to choose from the smorgasbord of roles and responsibilities, of benefits and duties. It allows them to not feel they have to take any action or have any opinion on the many National issues Canada continues to deal with, or ignore. It makes for a comfortable citizenship.

    Is that the case here? With a blog titled New Alberta Separatist I wouldn’t think so.

    The relationships of the members of Confederation is a problem predating Confederation. A look at the Constitution, more accurately called the BNA Act, shows the many contortions taken to create a Confederation. The relationship is even more fraught with problems when one understands that the vast majority of Canada as seen on a modern map has been taken by force, colonized at the point of a bayonet and the promise of a short rope for a long fall should anyone resist.

    That colonization created Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba and that colonial status is today resulting in Albertans paying into a Confederation from which they get very little in the way of services or representation.

    Which is why blogs like this need to exist, I for one hope it grows and continues to remind Canadians that a new relationship is needed, and if history is any judge will occur one way or an other. Keep up the good work.


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