Quit Facebook – My 2018 Aspiration

A few days ago I deleted all my Facebook friends. It was not out of spite of anybody, but rather after a realization of how much time I was spending on meaningless conversations with people.

The Christmas / New Years season is also my birthday, and turning 34 on Boxing Day I think it finally dawned on me that I’m not a young man anymore with an infinite amount of time to squander. With 4 small children, this should have been an epiphany I realized earlier, but better late than never as they say.

To be clear, I’m typing this on my phone while taking an exercise break or riding the bus home from work, so I’m not exactly wasting time writing this, I’m multitasking.

One of my aspirations for 2018 (because resolutions ate meaningless) is to write down my thoughts and ideas in a more permanent form, and I was finding Facebook was not really working out in that regard.

While it is true, everything everyone posts to Facebook is permanently stored (including everything you “delete”) for all eternity, it quickly fades to irrelevance, buried under a sea of cat-memes and heated debates about Star Wars.

Everything loses meaning and context, as the entire social network becomes nothing but a monetized popularity contest, where everyone’s trying to distract the most number of people by whatever means possible.

Such is how all social media networks work – from Twitter, to Snapchat, to Instagram. Everything becomes meaningless fluff, consumes by the masses and quickly forgotten.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to social media. There is utility to it and it is a powerful tool – but at this moment, social media is a hammer and I need a screwdriver.

Another of my general aspirations is to be an agent for Alberta’s cause for separation from Canada, but doing so is an immensely complex challenge, requiring powerful thinking minds to formulate a rational plan of attack for how to make that happen.

Those kinds of minds won’t be found zombified by social media newsfeeds and hashtag campaigns.

I am a senior software engineer by trade. From an experience and academic perspective, that makes me more qualified than half the current NDP caucus, but even an egghead like me can succumb to the temptations of too much social media.

Every small snippet of information is a small destruction, and even though as an older Millennial, I’m pretty good at selective attention, even I have my limits. I think realizing that fact is what spurred me to cull my Facebook account.

“Brain fog” was a buzzword I did a bit of research over the Christmas break, and I think I realized the mass overconsumption of social media was rendering my mind in a near permanent state of brain fog.

I also think this was one of the attributing factors to why I haven’t really kept up to date with my Separatist blog.

I’ve honestly had a hard time thinking. Instead I’ve been too distracted by meaningless fluff interactions on Facebook.

That ends today.

The future of my home depends on more free thinking people with powerful ideas, not social media zombies.

I hope you join me!

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