How The Last Jedi (and Liberals) Destroyed Star Wars

The latest Star Wars film most have gotten the Justin Trudeau Seal of Approval. It was peppered with was feminism, diversity, multiculturalism, equality, resistance to the white male patriarchy, and antagonizing of capitalism.

Warning: Spoilers below

As a more conservative leaning man, I didn’t find those aspects of the film the worst of its flaws. On its own merits it wasn’t all that bad. It was entertaining on the surface, so I can’t fault it as a total failure.

However, the superficial failures are overshadowed by one catastrophic oversight which effectively destroys the entire franchise, especially for nostalgic fans who grew up with the original series.

In “The Last Jedi” one of the major characters is a purple haired woman who somehow ends up commanding the Resistance fleet. There is nothing particularly memorable about her other than her hair colour or that it’s hard not to think she was just a diversity hire whose poor leadership got hundreds of resistance fighters needlessly killed.

Regardless, it’s clear her characters casting and portrayal was clear service to the multi-colour armpit hair, Justin Trudeau feminists hell bent on destroying the patriarchy at all costs.

I think her character will be remembered in the history books as the one who destroyed the entire Star Wars franchise.

Not because she is the embodiment of progressive feminism, but because her character canonizes a plot element which makes the entire franchise, from New Hope to whatever movie(s) come next seem silly.

At the climax of The Last Jedi, Admiral Diversity Hire pilots a small resistance starship on a suicide mission against massive fleet of bad guy Star Destroyers, including a Goliath sized mothership commanded by the bad guy supreme leader.

Admiral purple hair jumps into light speed and kamikaze’s into the bad guy fleet, causing massive destruction that tilts the odds in favour of the fleeing resistance.

In the entirety of all the Star Wars movies, a tactic like that is not employed, and fans of the original series with just the movies as the Q-source for truth in the Star Wars universe (not the expanded universe from the comics and books) could infer there was some form of defensive technology that prevented such a tactic from working.

A blurb (or plot line) involving some kind of “light speed spatial displacement shield array” could have been the saving grace for Admiral Purple Hair’s banzai moment, but no such grace was present in TLJ.

That is an oversight that ruins the entire franchise, all the way back to “A New Hope.”

Space combat is a critical element of all Star Wars story. But the portrayal of a small resistance cruiser decimating an entire fleet of Star Destroyers and the flag ship of the the First Order begs the question: what was the point of space combat in any of the proceeding Star Wars films?

Rebel ships versus Star Destroyers. The Millennium Falcon versus TIE fighters. X-wings versus the Death Stars.

All of it was what made Star Wars, but it was all pointless.

Every space combat sequence in every Star Wars film is made nonsensical by the fact that there was nothing stopping the Rebels from sending a droid piloted squadron of ships on a suicide mission to destroy a spacecraft as powerful as the Death Star.

Luke didn’t need to make his epic Jedi trick shot in New Hope. Lando and Chewie didn’t need to fly into the bowels of the second Death Star. Biggs, Wedge, and Porkins could have been replaced with C3PO (or Jar Jar) and been just as effective at destroying the Empire as Luke and Han.

All of this makes the entire Star Wars story make no sense, and it is all official Star Wars cannon, thanks to Admiral SJW in The Last Jedi.

In this way, the Last Jedi, and the progressive, social justice liberals that managed it has irreparable killed the franchise.

What else are progressive liberals in charge of and running into the ground? (Canada, for one).

Was I the only one who thought Kylo had the right idea wishing everything we loved about Star Wars should just die?

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