Why Canada Will Probably Have Another Chinese Head Tax

ZeroHedge had an interesting article titled: “China May Import Its Workers To Canada As It Seeks “Total Access” To Canadian Market

I think there’s more to this story than being discussed.

China has a 10% male-female sex imbalance.  Thanks to the One Child policy and Chinese cultural affinity for boys, the Chinese have been aborting/abandoning/throwing their newborn daughters into rivers for the past 30 years.

China’s economy is stagnating and with American isolationism, is only going to get worse.

For the Chinese government, their model of political stability is for the State to back loans to any business that can promise employment, because large numbers of unemployed men tend to ferment revolutions.  That’s precisely how the Communists took power in China at the end of WW2, but at the same time, is also an unsustainable financial policy.

That’s very similar to how the 2008 Subprime crisis happened.

Hence, for China, they have around 10 million working/fighting age men they need to keep busy, or else risk seeing their entire country go up in flames – literally.

Dumping hundreds of thousands of unemployed Chinese men into Canada would be a great make work project for the Chinese that would help maintain their social cohesion, but it wouldn’t necessarily benefit Canada.  In addition to putting large numbers of Canadians out of work, it inevitably would lead to large amounts of capital flight which cause huge disruptions in the local economies.

Just ask young people in Vancouver who end up economic refugees in Calgary because Chinese billionaires use the Vancouver housing market to launder ill-gotten fortunes.

The primary reasons the Canadians instituted the Chinese head tax (and eventually exclusion act) was precisely because cheap, desperate, Chinese labour was way cheaper than the indigenous Canadian labor.  It was crummy that the Canadians brought in such laws, but for the good of the country,  they HAD to.

I’m a descendant of one of the first Chinese laborer’s brought into Canada to con B.C. into joining Confederation through the building of the CP Railroad.  He was cut off from his wife and children when the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed in Ottawa.  While historically, it caused a great deal of strife for my ancestors, it also was necessary for the survival of Canada.

Ironically in the coming years, the Canadians will probably have to do it again.

One thought on “Why Canada Will Probably Have Another Chinese Head Tax

  1. I think that the Chinese are not the threat to Canada. My thoughts are about immigration issues in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, England and the list goes on. No historically, the Chinese were never a problem . The problem as I see it is far far worse. Sharia and Islam should be watched, and I mean closely! Pull our heads out of the sand and look at what can happen here. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that were not that far bahind Europe. With the present Govt in this country, it’s only going to get worse.

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