Westerners Going Their Own Way (WGTOW)

I recently discovered the online “Men Going Their Own Way” (or MGTOW) movement and am fascinated by it’s underlying tenants and philosophies.  Essentially, MGTOW’s are men who have come to the realization traditional relationships with women fail a cost-benefit analysis, and they are better off “going their own way.”  MGTOW’s do not court women with the intention of marrying or starting a family with them, instead dedicating their discretionary time and income that otherwise would have been consumed by having a wife and kids towards personal ventures – primarily growing a business or leisure and recreational behaviors.

I myself am not a MGTOW and initially, I was skeptical.  My first intuition was that such men were deadbeat Millennial losers, living in their parents basement, playing video games whilst eating Cheetos.  The more I researched the topic, the more I realized that was not the case at all and that the MGTOW’s could actually be a very positive agent for much needed change in society in the same way Western Separatism could.

In Western societies, and especially Canada, the prevalent cultural development of the past several decades has been the success of the feminist movement.  While the initial objectives of equality, respect and ethical, decent treatment for women were laudable and noble it is my opinion that those objectives were met long ago and feminism today has morphed into something much more sinister.

New Age Feminism instead has turned women from equal partners to men into a privileged class within society who, through the State and mainstream media, receive undeserved and unmerited benefits at men’s expense.

The most obvious legislative example the extremes of feminism being divorce and alimony laws that overwhelmingly favour women.  In essence turning men into financial indentured servants to their ex-wives, regardless of whether or not the breakdown of their marriage was their fault.  While I believe men who are abusive or unfaithful to their wives deserve no sympathy, increasingly women are using liberal divorce laws to defraud honest, decent men – and such women are equally as undeserving of sympathy.

Another example of the extremes of feminism was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s appointment of a “gender equal” cabinet upon taking office.  Particularly when it comes to highest levels of a national government, merit, not gender, should be the determining factor in cabinet appointments.  Evidently self-avowed feminist Justin Trudeau does not think that is the case.

Another such example was in the Alberta legislature, where former PC MLA Sandra Jensen crossed the floor to join the NDP.  To deflect criticism of the move, Jensen stood before the legislature and read mean spirited comments from the internet, urging all members of the Legislature to stand against “misogyny.”  Wild Rose and PC MLA’s applauded the move, clearly demonstrating that appeasing professional and perpetual feminist victims was more important to them than respecting the right to free speech of their support base.

Examples like this go on and on, but the overarching principle is that radical Feminism has eroded our culture and society.  Canada today is a weak, irrational, impotent nation with no future and the rise of the movements like the Western Separatist and MGTOW movements are a reflection of what is in store for this country.

The most insidious victory the feminist movement has won has been the enshrinement of abortion laws.  Over the past 40 years, liberalized abortion laws have lead to the termination of approximately 100,000 Canadian children each year.  Nearly 4 million Canadian born people are not with us today as a consequence.

In Canada, any debate on abortion automatically degenerates into a hyper-irrational argument where impassioned supporters on both the pro-life and pro-choice side dogmatically defend their ethical position while casting the other side to be inhuman monsters.

(For the record, I am unabashedly pro-life.)

Stephen Harper illustrated this principle well, when, in office, he would not touch the issue of abortion with a 10 foot pole, even though as an evangelical Christian, one might assume his personal position would similarly be pro-life.

Unsurprisingly, the pro-choice camp, overwhelmingly from the feminist camp won the culture war.  Pro-lifers fixated only on the sanctity of human life lost.  All the while, neither side asked the rational question:”What happens to a welfare state like Canada, when there are more recipients of handouts than there are payers of taxes?”

We will discover the answer to that question within the next decade or so and my prediction is neither the pro-life or pro-choice side will be comfortable with the outcome.

Canada is aging rapidly with practically no young people.  For 3 generations, the next generation of Canadians were either aborted or moved to the United States.

Who will pay for state funded entitlements and programs like health care, education, and infrastructure?  My prediction is in the coming years, it will become impossible and either severe austerity or unimaginably high taxes are in store.


Tangentially, this grim demographic picture is the reason the Trudeau Government is opening the floodgates of immigration, taking in as many as 300,000 immigrants in 2017.  The industrialists in Eastern Canada especially need young, unskilled labor to keep their manufacturing industry viable.  Since Canadians have aborted something in the order of 4 million children over the past 4 decades, the labour shortfalls they face are cataclysmic.  As such, they have no choice but to scrape the bottom of the barrel internationally to try to find cheap labor to produce overpriced goods to sell to Western Canadians.

Not only so, but with the Western provinces (especially Alberta) having younger populations the tax policy of the Federal government will be unending and massive west to east wealth transfers.

The Trudeau Carbon Tax is a clear illustration of this.

The power base of the victorious Canadian feminist movement has always been the Eastern progressives.  However, an underlying assumption feminists like Justin Trudeau have always taken for granted is that men would always be easily seduced by promiscuous, sexually liberated women.  In that way, men could be easily manipulated into being unwilling financial and social stooges to forward the interests and agendas of such women and their feminists enablers.

That sounds an awful lot like the role of Western Canada within Canadian confederation, replacing the “sexually liberated women” with the faux Canadian nationalism primarily defined by the culture and economy of Toronto and Montreal.

The underlying principle of the MGTOW movement is for men to not live up to that assumption and not be trapped in such a one-sided arrangement.  MGTOW men are simply not bothering to enter into relationships with such women in the first place.  Where they are trapped in a relationship without knowing better when entering into it, they are taking action to separate themselves.

Western Canada today is trapped in an exploitative and unfulfilling relationship with Eastern Canada.  The elites of Eastern Canada are hell bent on taking every thing we have and have ever worked for.  The elites of Eastern Canadians have long assumed that we could be seduced into staying, but as time progresses they have less and less to offer us.

Men going their own way are separating themselves from the trap of traditional relationships with women, poisoned by new age feminism.

In the same way, it’s time for Western Canada to go it’s own way from Canada, a once great nation, thoroughly poisoned by Canadian progressivism.


To address the predictable accusations that I am a sexist, misogynist, nothing concerns me more than the future of my 3 young daughters and my beautiful wife.  All of whom I love with all my heart.

The most destructive consequence of feminism is that it has created a culture where women are made into sexualized objects, unlovable by men.

Instead of aspiring to being treated as equal partners to men, women who fall for new age feminist dogma aspire to treat men as disposable commodities they can manipulate through deceit and sexuality.

I can think of nothing more misogynistic than developing within women and girls (or anyone for that matter) a character that promotes deception, self-objectification, and prejudice against anyone (including men) for unchangeable attributes of their character (such as gender).


Did you know Alberta has always been a “manly” province?

If you look at the historic demographic pyramid, there has always been a imbalance with more men residing in the province than women.

(Refresh the page to see the animation with data from 1921 – 2016).

Personally, I believe this is because Alberta is a province that will always be unpredictable.  The climate, economy, and government – the most important factors impacting livability, will never be stable in Alberta.

In Alberta we have had and will always will have unpredictable weather (climate change be damned).

In Alberta, we have had and will always have a boom-bust economy.

In Alberta, we have had and will always have unpredictable governments.

Our provincial motto, Fortis Et Liber, “Strong and Free” is fitting of the true nature of real Albertans.

If you are neither Strong or Free, you will not last in Alberta, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.


A big shout-out to YouTuber “Sandman” who runs a MGTOW channel with some great material.

Even though Sandman is from Toronto, he does not strike me as one of the pompus, progressive elites, hell bent on running the country into the ground.

Please check out some of his video’s.  I recommend the following:


Why The End of Canada is Inevitable

Western Canada Must Divorce the East

The Church of Climate Change and the Coming, Uncertain Journey

6 thoughts on “Westerners Going Their Own Way (WGTOW)

  1. Dear, Dear, Nick, [sigh][this is a long one but I have nothing better to do so . . .]

    Maybe we could just herd women into internment camps. That way, when a “man” gets the “urge” he can just “visit” the internment camp, throw a few “discretionary” bucks at a woman, use her body and be on his merry “way”. I totally understand your longing for men to get whatever they want, whenever they want and never have any responsibility to anybody but themselves. Every great society is founded on that very principle. NOT! If I didn’t read your idiocy with my own eyes I would not have believed an adult male could have thought it much less written it.

    I don’t like radical feminists but they hardly represent the majority of women who are hard working and just want a decent, safe life and to be treated equally. You know, like a human being.
    Forget about equality in terms of freedom—a woman will never have the freedom men do. If a woman walked down a back alley at night and “something” happened to her, take a wild guess who would be blamed? Go ahead, guess, Nick. You have no concept of the fear women have just leaving their homes [and in their homes, for that matter].

    And by the way:
    After divorce, women and children are far more likely to live below the poverty line and for a longer period than men. [I and my kids have field experience with this.]
    Women earn 66.7 % of what men do for equivalent work.
    Women pay a gender tax 70% more often than men do. Although women make less money they, more often than not, pay more for the same or similar products than men do.
    98% of sex offenders are male. Do I really have to tell you most victims are female?
    In Canada, every four days, a woman is murdered by a man she knows.
    Tell me about that equality thing again, Nick? Tell me how hard men have it, Nick?

    And, Oh, dear God give me strength . . . The Cabinet Gender Equality Bee In Every Man’s Bonnet Thing [YAWN . . .]

    Why don’t you question the qualifications of the men Trudeau appointed to be cabinet ministers? Do you think having a penis makes a man automatically qualified? When you bring up the gender equality of the cabinet [which is a lie, anyway, as there are 16 men and 15 women] you are clearly questioning the qualifications of the women—don’t try to tell me you aren’t—NOT the qualifications of the men.
    If Trudeau had based his cabinet on qualifications it would be more like 100% female. He discriminated against women by basing it on gender. He just admitted as much in Cuba:

    “Actually I will point out that all those men who complain that it was 50 percent women, well they’re lucky that I promised that it be 50 percent men, because I could have done more in terms of merit with the kinds of extraordinary women we had to choose from in terms of the election results.”

    In any case, female members of parliament are just as qualified to be cabinet ministers as male members of parliament. They were elected by Canadians. THAT is the ONLY qualification needed. Let’s not even talk about Trudeau’s amazing qualifications to be prime minister. What do you think happens when the prime minister shuffles his cabinet? Do you think the minister of fisheries who becomes the minister of foreign affairs magically becomes qualified in their new post? No, he or she doesn’t, Nick. Or do you think a penis magically makes men qualified to do anything and everything?

    You know darn well that Canadians do not elect people based on the person’s experience before they ran for office. Nobody gave a fat rat’s rear end about cabinet minister qualifications before Trudeau’s announcement and you know it.

    You didn’t do your homework, did you, Nick? You’ve been drinking watery, testosterone flavoured, kool-aid, Nick. You’ve bought into the baby-man movement.

    Any man who determines his masculinity by what women do, tweet or say or think about them is a marginal man at best. If women determined their self-worth by what men do, say or tweet or think about us, we’d all have slit our throats long ago.

    Nick, deny it all you want but publishing this article puts you in league with the sorry excuses for men that you are writing about. Take your safety pin and find yourself a safe-space [no girls allowed, of course] and cry with the other baby-men about mean, wicked, “uppity” women. Maybe you can find new, clever ways to objectify and anatomize women with clever, new, baby-man words. Go ahead, we won’t slit our throats over it. It’s just everyday equality for us.

    I am a proud, conservative, Albertan. Born and raised in Calgary. I was working hard long before you were born. I want Alberta to separate. That’s why I am sorry to find that the movement for Alberta independence has, like any other movement that involves marginal men, degraded into a women-are-so-wicked-and-men-are-so-hard-done-by rap tirade. Feminism, radical or not, is the scapegoat of every baby-man.

    Laddie, YOU have lost the plot!

    Imagine where we’d be if Pa Ingalls and other pioneer men fell apart at the seams because a woman dared to exist in their “manly” world? Men like that didn’t have seams that could fall apart—consequently they had no need of safety pins.

    It is clear women will be much, much worse off in your “manly” kool-aid fueled idea of an independent Alberta so I suggest you and all the other weak baby-men go your own way to one of the cry-baby provinces. You are a disgrace to Alberta.

    Alberta and Alberta women need strong Alberta men who can pioneer a new country.

    P.S. Strong women breed strong men. You want them to be weaker than you? Too bad. Alberta women will not oblige you.

    “Why are you Spartan women the only ones who can rule men?”
    “Because we are also the only ones who give birth to men.”
    Gorgo, Queen of Sparta and wife of Leonidas, as quoted by Plutarch[1]

    P.P.S. At the risk of sounding racist, what those MGTOW are striving for is the lifestyle of far too many black, American men. At the age of 21 they can easily have six kids with six women and not pay a dime of child support. They go their own way. Men abdicating their responsibility to their society is the downfall of that society—unless you consider welfare scrapings and squalor for women and children a great, manly achievement.

    P.P.S. I was blissfully unaware of these cretins before I read your article. Consequently, I will no longer read your articles. Shame on you for promoting such gutless, drivel.

    P.P.P.S. Tell your eastern ‘tard friend his real problem with women is this:

    “women seem wicked when you’re unwanted” Jim Morrison, The Doors.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Michele thinks she has all the answers. What she doesn’t know is how much women who really fought to bring in equal pay for equal work laws long ago detest her kind She has tons of statistics at her fingertips and reads them with gullibility because they serve her purpose. It’s important that people like Michele never question the facts behind the statistics. She knows that the amount of women who choose to work part time because they want to be home with their children skews the wages lower. It’s inconvenient to her self serving purpose to acknowledge that. Her quest for special consideration based on nothing but gender is shallow. Michele and people like her are being rejected by men at alarming rates. She won’t get it until she’s a broke lonely old woman alone with her apartment full of cats. Man bashing and refusing to see any point of view but her own is selfish and ridiculous. What are the chances people like Michele will bring attention to the fact that men are committing suicide at 4 times the rate of women? I’d say nil and zero. She’d rather whine about losing that social deference previously afforded to women now that we’re all equal. Go ahead Michel, crawl through a dark alley in the middle the night because that’s your right. Men don;t walk through dark alleys at night because if they get mugged or raped every one would want to know what on earth they were doing in a dark alley alone at night. Men are subjected to much more violence than women afterall. Michelle doesn’t care. She just wants all her demands met Becca she’s so incredibly special.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thanks for the reply, Michele, and I do sincerely appreciate your feedback.

      That said, I do think you missed the point of the article.

      Personally, I don’t support the MGTOW movement because I agree with them. I myself “have not taken the red pill” (as the MGTOW’s say) and personally am a traditionalist.

      As I said in the post I believe the MGTOW movement can “be a very positive agent for much needed change in society.”

      To all your points about the disparity and inequality that women face, I sympathize with whole heartily. As a father of 3 young girls, I constantly think about what future my daughters will face in their adulthood as women. Moreover, my wife herself having been victim of some of the circumstances you described are also one of the reasons I’ve given the topic so much thought.

      Personally, for my daughters, my plan is, as their father and using what extreme feminists might call “male privilege” or what I call “my socioeconomic status that I achieved by working very hard and making sensible decisions,” to provide the tangible needs my girls will need in their adulthood so they themselves do not need to depend on a man for financial support.

      For my wife, what I find most perplexing is some of the worst abuses she experienced were by women, themselves abiding by the new feminist order. My wife’s professional career was sabotaged by a female manager so intimidated by my wife’s superior abilities, she used her managerial position to constructively dismiss my wife.

      Again, it was not a man who forced her out of her job – it was another woman.

      To your first point, however, about women being herded into internment camps to be used as sexual objects by men – that actually already exists and it was created by consenting, sexually liberated women.

      The porno industry is one of the largest industry in the world and I can fully attribute the gelding of the modern male to the prevalence and availability of free porn on the internet.

      Interestingly, women in the porno industry are not victims of oppressive men. Moreover, in the hyper-sexualized society the new age feminists have created, women are not viewed with shame and disgust who embrace that lifestyle. As to your comment about “wage gap,” female porn stars make tremendous amounts of money – something in the order of $20,000 – $100,000 per week. That’s the main reason women go into that career.

      Personally, as a traditionalist, I can think of nothing more horrifying than the prospect of my daughters one day selling their bodies, but with the culture new age feminists have created, they will have every financial incentive to do so.

      I will end up on one point, however, is that I believe you are conflating the idea of “feminism” with “women,” whereas I view the whole idea of “feminism” as “tyrannical statism” masquerading as a virtuous movement concerned about the welfare and well being of women.

      Men cannot be feminists.

      We will never know what it is like to be a woman, what women experience, what a woman’s life is like. When all 3 of my daughters were born, I could not experience what my wife was experiencing. I could watch with bewilderment and amazement as my wife did something no man can or ever will do – and bring a new life into the world.

      Personally, I think men who claim to be feminists (like Justin Trudeau) are disingenuous liars or moronic idiots – but I also do not believe such men necessarily have women’s best interests in mind.

      That I am not a feminist does not mean I am a misogynist.

      Quite the opposite.


  2. Thank you Nick.

    I too was born and raised in Calgary, as were my daughter (15) and my son(14) . I feel very strongly about protecting my children’s future as well as considering my retirement and how my husband and I will live our our golden years.
    It has become more evident that Ottawa does not have what’s in Alberta’s best interest in mind, or western Canada in general for that matter. By extension the whole of Canada will suffer if the west isn’t allowed to be prosperous as so much of Canada depends on us being the economic driver of the Confederation.
    The continuation of wealth transfer from West to east is essential to Canada’s existence. With the leftist ideology that is being legislated and imposed upon us from Ottawa, and sadly also from Edmonton, there is little hope for our prosperity, or for Canada to survive. It has been, and always will be a giver and taker relationship, and to be honest, the MGTOW metaphor is pretty fitting. Alberta, and the west in general, should seriously consider the cost of continuing within the current construct of our relationship with the rest of the country.
    The risk you run by comparing the two, is there will be many who can’t get past their negative “feelings” about what they perceive MGTOW to be, regardless of how ignorant they are to the concept. They will lash out and immediately attack you personally, even though you have clearly stated that you are not a MGTOW, simply because you tried to explain what the MGTOW movement is about for the purpose of comparison, rather than focusing on the actual issue. They will go to exhaustive lengths to discredit you personally, and attack your manhood to virtue signal to others that they are righteous and your argument cannot be valid due to your poor standing. They will use their narrative of who you are to attack your credibility, even when that narrative is theirs, and based solely on their false perception of you, due to them linking you to MGTOW.
    They will likely list statistics, and misused facts to try and support their personal attack on you and pay little to no attention to the central and only point of your article. They will likely call themself a conservative in an attempt to reach out to more of your readers and try to stay them to side with their position. However, simply calling yourself a conservative doesn’t make it so, does it? Sandra Jansen ran as, and was elected to the Legislative Assembly as a “Conservative”, but we all know she was simply a liberal in conservative clothing, and in the end, she revealed herself. She was a faker, and what’s worse and more evil is she attempted to seize power within the party, which would have run it even further left of center than it already sadly is. Don’t be discouraged by the detractors. Don’t be shouted down and have your free speech stifled. They are entitled to their public opinion and their freedom to express it, but it is equally guaranteed to you and you are just as entitled to yours. The leftists rarely argue reason, logic or fact, they are so seldom able to counter well reasoned arguments or ideas with well reasoned arguments or ideas, that their defacto tactic is to shout you down or call you names. It also happens to be the easy thing to do, most are too lazy to figure out an alternative view point that’s valid, so they just try to shut you up. I will suggest that you always read or listen to what the other side is saying. I have encountered a few on the left that are rather intelligent, generally moral, and simply hold a different point of view than me. These people are excellent sources of information and can truly help to find balance and even change , or at least alter your perspective. Science could never succeed without challenging its own ideas. The best solutions aren’t always thought up on the first try.
    Remember, before we had WD40, the researchers tried “WD1, WD2, WD3 and all the way through WD39 before settling on “Water Displacement Forty”.
    Good day. Good luck.

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  3. Hey, thanks for this great site and articles, amazing. I grew up in Toronto my whole life, as you might be aware with first hand experiences regarding attitudes and “ongoing’s” in this city many people are aware of the nonsense here (not enough still). I discovered Western Separatism contributers a couple of years or more ago in a documentary initially and the reasonings and it’s completely awesome, an amazing idea, South America has 13 countries or something NA has 3, it’s a great idea and Ottawa steals for projects for the elite to profit only in Ontario etc. Great articles and thanks so much, I’m a mgtow guy as well 31 years old, have had my share of horror stories but it’s all about educating others essentially it’s no way to live with someone’s hand constantly in your pocket and no partner to lean on for support, cheers! Thanks…ps. and everyone else just lives total lies, because public and private lives can be totally different especially with social media but I read you on internet cognitive dissonance also..PPS I’m a welder by trade, I discovered a political, dishonest community from an early age and naturally observed and obtained information on that matter throughout my life..ppps “why not?” At the end of the day we are animals of the same species and I will fight for my brethren, I think especially if misguided and not against them unlike many that fall into a hateful trap and build on that ideal. Thanks.


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