Media Bias Elected Trump, Media Bias Will Lead to Western Separatism

My cousin, herself a journalist with a major Canadian media corporation, shared a story on Facebook from the Globe and Mail titled “Did racism and sexism elect Trump?”

I gave her my response in a comment below.

Before I get to the comment, I want to make the point that I love my cousin even though she is a progressive from Edmonton who settled in Ontario.  It is because so many of us in the west have ties (family or friendship) with people in the East that I believe the new separatist movement must not be hostile towards the people of Eastern Canada.

When we separate, I don’t want my cousin, her husband, or my nephews to “freeze in the dark.”  They are not “Eastern bastards” to me.  They are family.  If we lived in separate nations, I would never harbor any ill intent towards them.

As a member in this new iteration of Western Canadian separatism, I want Eastern Canadians to know Western Canada as an independent nation will be a friendly neighbor that welcomes and respects them as persons.  Today, in Western Canada we welcome American, British, French, or German nationals as friends and guests.  Provided they respect our sovereignty, when we separate and form our own new nation, I want the Eastern Canadian people to know Western Canadians will extend those same graces.

Western Canadians are the kindest, most welcoming people on earth.  There’s no reason to believe we would be any different when we win our independence.

With that:

Did Racism and Sexism Elect Trump?

No it didn’t.

Bullying by the American media who fabricated a false narrative, dismissed disenfranchised people with legitimate grievances, and Trumps uncanny ability to tap into that sentiment did.

Incidentally, the Canadian media’s refusal to realize this is creating the same kinds of sentiment in Western Canada and especially in Alberta.

I was expecting Alberta separatist sentiment to wane after Trump’s election since so many people here agree with his policies.  Moreover, many see him as the polar opposite of Trudeau – who they thoroughly hate – and in Trump, many struggling Albertans are finding hope (the prospect of Keystone XL approval alone has breathed enormous amounts of new life in our struggling oil sector).

Instead, with the Canadian media’s insistence that people who approve of Trump are “racist, sexist, xenophobes” more Westerners are gravitating toward separatist groups for the exact same reason Americans elected Trump.

I approve of Trump.  If I were American, I would have voted for him.  I’m not a racist, sexist, or xenophobe.  I think Trumps policies (American Energy Independence and non-interventionist foreign policy especially) will be very good for the United States and could be very good for Alberta.

When every politician and reporter in the Canadian establishment hurl labels like “sexist” and “racist” at me for thinking that way, I feel as if I have no voice in the civic dialogue of this country.

So far, tens of thousands of people in Western Canada have felt the same way.

That is not to say everyone in Western Canada loved Trump (far from it).  But the lack of objectivity in the media and in all levels of our government is fueling separatist sentiment in Western Canada, especially in Alberta.

Those same institutions very vocally lambasted Brexit, the British Prime Minister May, and the US election of Donald Trump as a consequence of bigotry, racism, and every politically correct progressive labels designed to shame anyone not espousing to their world view into silence.

Moreover, the progressive media predicted on the onset they were impossible outcomes.

I am certain when the issue of Alberta separatism becomes mainstream the Canadian media will label separatists like myself as “racist xenophobes” the way they did British secessionist and nationalists who voted for Brexit and Theresa May.  They will call me a “sexist, misogynist, Islamophobic deplorable” just as they called the frustrated Americans who voted for Trump.

I expect them to say it will be impossible for us to win.

They said the same thing about President-elect Trump.

I am confident, just as Trump did, we will prove them wrong.


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2 thoughts on “Media Bias Elected Trump, Media Bias Will Lead to Western Separatism

  1. Have you lost your mind ? This post is the worst i’v seen since trump was elected. There is no way in hell the west is gonna separate from the east. I will not vote for this and will actively work against this ridiculous proposal. Separate Canada? Give your head a shake.


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