Here we go…

The Polite Separatist

1915 Illustration from 1915. What has changed?

As an avowed federalist, a tried and true loyal Canadian who served in the Army voluntarily in Canada and abroad for over 25 years, never did I think I would become that most loathsome of creatures, a separatist !

I was also a card carrying Liberal for most of my life. Exposed to Liberal policies during my service and life in the west from Trudeau to Chretien, my views changed. I lived in Calgary during the NEP, it was horrible. How could a Prime Minister do this to his own people and then give them the finger? By the time the Chretien Sponsorship Scandal broke I’d more than had enough. I became a Conservative and a member of the Canadian Alliance.

I’ve watched the elites of Liberal eastern Canada drain the resources of the west and give pittance back. I wondered why low-cost daycare and…

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