President Hillary Clinton And Western Separatism

I’ve written in the past that I think President Trump is Canada’s only hope.  As a Western separatist, I do not want hope for Canada.  I want hope for Western Canada, and especially for Alberta.

It is not that I want the people who live in the rest of Canada to suffer.  Far from it.

I want everyone, from British Columbia to Newfoundland to be better off than they are.  The problem is there is no way that can happen in the current Canadian Confederation.

The way forward for Canada as a whole is unavoidable stagnation, decline and eventually, national demise.

It does not matter who in November 2016 is in the White House, Canada’s best days are far, far behind it and it’s future is unavoidably bleak.

President Trump may be able to slow the Canadian decline to a point that Western Canadian’s will once again become complacent as we were when Stephen Harper was Prime Minister.

On the other hand, President Hillary Clinton would make the situation for Western Canadians unbearable.

Only after enduring kind of pain, will people in the west realize the dismal reality within Canada and be spurred to take action for separatism.

The reason the Western provinces have remained in Canada historically is, despite legitimate grievances towards Canada, that the general trend has been for things to improve with time.

Alberta is a prime example of this.

As a Canadian province, every 20-30 years, Alberta has gone through a cycle where it peaks economically then melts down to the point that everyone feels the world was ending.

I assert this is an intentional consequence of the design of Alberta by the Canadian elites as a part of their strategy of selective economic destruction to keep every province in line.

Despite this, the general trend over Alberta’s 111 year membership in Canada is that things have always gotten better after a bust than before.  There have been tremendous lost opportunities, but every time the Alberta economy has gone from 100% to 50%, we have always come back again to 110%.

We could have come back to 200% were we not a Canadian province, but the fact that we were 10% better kept us from separating.

This time around, I am not confident Alberta will get even that.

I believe over the course of the next decade we will have gone from 100% to 50% to 60% and Canadian socialists will tell us we are greedy, ungrateful, and that we deserve the stagnation our children will inherit.

While the rest of Western Canada isn’t as prone to the same apocalyptic economic contractions as Alberta, they all follow the same general trend – over time, things have gotten better.

Likewise, I believe they also will see the same stagnation as Alberta in the coming years.

Like Alberta, if B.C., Saskatchewan, and Manitoba were independent this could have been avoided.  All the Western provinces would have done much better independently, but we can never know what could have been – only what can be in the future.

Today, in October 2016 Alberta is in the midst of the worst contraction ever recorded in our provinces short history as a Canadian province.

Even though Edmonton is our capital, Calgary has always been Alberta’s economic and political stronghold – and it has long been overtaken by out of province, Canadian progressives.

As a result of our being a Canadian province, Easterners have taken over our Provincial government.

The Federal government has been elected by Easterners who view Alberta (and the West in general) as the worst place in Canada to live.

Westerners in general but Albertans especially, have little to hope for the future in this environment.

It is for this reason that I believe Hillary Clinton as President would lead to a big boost in separatist sentiment, especially in Alberta.

With President Hillary Clinton, Alberta has absolutely no hope for the future in Canada.

Saskatchewan has the steady leadership of Brad Wall and the centrist-conservative Saskatchewan Party.  Brad Wall is a stalwart defender of Saskatchewan against the encroachment by both the Canadian elites in Ottawa and the self-hating NDP turncoats within their province.

For Saskatchewanians, there is still hope.

In Manitoba the 17 year provincial NDP rein of terror is over.  Imagine 17 years of NDP rule in Alberta.  If it happened in Manitoba, there’s no reason it could not happen here.  It remains to be seen if Brian Pallister and the Manitoba PC’s govern as Progressives like Alberta’s Jim Prentice and Allison Redford, or Conservatives like Ralph Klein.

For Manitobans, there is still hope.

British Columbia is geographically shielded from most of the Canadian stupidity by the Rocky Mountains and by being as far away from the Canadian elites as is possible within Canada.  It does not matter that they are governed by Liberals – British Columbia will always do fine.

For British Columbians, there is still hope.

If Donald Trump is elected President in November 2016, many of the most distraught Western separatists will have some hope.

Hope is a great source of optimism but optimism can create a skewed perspective of reality.

A realistic perspective on the future of Canada is that there is no future for Canada.  Canada is a rapidly aging society with no future workforce to sustain itself in a world of increasing American hegemony.  To remain in Canada is to concede defeat and eventually be assimilated into the United States.

If Hillary Clinton is elected President, there will be no source of optimism to blind Albertans to this reality.

This is why I believe Albertans need to take the lead in Western Separatism.

We need to speak boldly about the issue and convince our peers within our province and in our neighboring provinces to get behind the idea that the break up of Canadian confederation is the only real hope any of us have.

It does not matter who is in the White House.

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