Western Separation: The Only Hope To Avoid Becoming American?

One way or another, within one generation, Canada will not exist.

As a whole, Canada’s population demographics are such that Canada cannot maintain it’s sovereignty.  As a whole, our population is too old and as a consequence, our country as it exists today is nonviable in the long term.

This is why radical changes are being pushed with such fervor by Canadian governments such as doctor assisted suicide, mass importation of incompatible immigrants, and the implementation of draconian tax policies (such as a national carbon tax).

For Canada, the writing is on the wall.

Within a society, the group of people who require the most amount of resources to support are the old.

This is not an anti-geriatric prejudice, but a simple matter of fact.

Within Canada, a long standing commonly held falsehood is that children are “expensive.”

Visit a palliative care center and compare it to a delivery ward or visit a geriatric nursing home and compare it to a daycare then ask yourself “Which one requires more resources to operate?”

The answer becomes quite clear.

Combined with decades of government economic mismanagement, young Canadians have fled en masse to find opportunity elsewhere (predominately the United States), if they cannot find them, not-coincidentally, in Western Canada.

As time progresses, Canada will have no choice but to allocate more and more resources to care for an older population – but Canada does not have the capability to do so.

We do not have the workforce or tax-base to provide the government revenue necessary to provide those services.

So far, the government “solutions” to this problem have been to devise ways to kill off the elderly to lessen the burden, flood the country with virile young, economically destitute aliens to develop a future workforce, and to tax the living hell out of the people of means to fund the whole charade.

This is obviously not a sustainable solution, but the government thinks it has no other choice.

The only other option is to join the United States.  Objectively, a secure, stable nation with limitless capital, a young population, and with the most cultural, linguistic, economic, political and societal compatibility to our own

Unfortunately, like most Americans, most Canadians are not objective in their decision making process.  They make decisions based on emotions, and from childhood, Canadians are conditioned to feel an irrational emotional revulsion towards America and Americans.

It is evident among the Western Canadian separatists that this emotional conditioning (which I attribute as an intentional initiative by the strongest proponents of Canadian Federalism) is the biggest impediment towards separatism.

How telling is it of the hypocritical nature of Canada, when “We’re not Americans” is a commonly held standard we take pride in, even though we act, think and live in ways that are almost indistinguishable from them.  It is even more pathetic when one realizes that “We’re not Americans” has been the historic driver behind staying together as a united country.

Among Americans, having their nation born after defeating a tyrannical global superpower in a military conflict, waging a bloody civil war to end slavery, accomplishing some of the greatest technological feats in history, building the strongest economy in history, consistent excellence in athleticism and culture, and commitment to the rule of law and personal liberties are sources of national pride and unity.

In Canada, a beer commercial is a rallying cry for national unity, with almost all of Joe’s praises of Canada I disagree or do not identify with personally (feel free to unfriend me when I say, I don’t really like beer – especially Molson Canadian):

Fear of or revulsion towards joining the United States is what detracts from support towards Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia or Manitoba separating from Canada.

Historically, fear of joining the United states has been the biggest wrench in the works in opposition to secessionist movements in Western Canada, but what if it is no longer relevant?

When one takes a closer look, it is evident that the unsustainable policy of turning Canada into the dystopian worlds of 1984, Soylent Green, Children of Man, and Logan’s Run is a regional phenomenon, mostly afflicting Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritime provinces.

Alberta and Saskatchewan have young populations with abundant resources.  British Columbia, though old, has port access to world markets and tremendously diverse resources of their own.  Agriculture rich Manitoba and Saskatchewan have geographic positioning to enable land connections to the biggest Eastern American markets.

All together, Alberta through to Manitoba have all the tools necessary to solve the “Canada Problem” in a fundamentally different but sustainable way: by forming our own nation.

Together, a Western Canadian nation would not need to kill off it’s grandparents because we cannot pay for their doctors.

It could build up a society where we do not train and educate our young people to use their talents in the United States, where they are more welcomed and have more opportunity.

It would not need to scrape the bottom of the barrel and bribe the most desperate and incompatible foreigners on the planet to live here using tax dollars from citizens who do not support such initiatives.

Western Canada could build up an economy that would be the envy of the world.

It could develop an immigration policy that sees Americans want to immigrate to our country to work for and develop our industries, all while assimilating into and adopting our culture, instead of the other way around.

Western Separatism does not mean Western Canadian amalgamation into the United States.

It probably means the opposite.

Urban Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes, whether victims of the government in Ottawa or of their own emotional democratic impulses, have afflicted their regions with Canada syndrome.  They have too much government, stagnating regional economies that chase away or create disincentive for young people all the while implementing tyrannical taxes and regulation and uncontrolled immigration.

With the possible exception of Quebec, which could itself be a strong ally to Western Canada if it were it’s own nation, this is obviously a terminal disease from which those regions will never recover.

If they remain in the current Canadian status quo, they will inevitably end up either joining the United States or become critically dependent upon them after everything falls apart they might as well.

The question is, will the Western provinces be around to be taken down with them when they do?

If we separate and form our own country, the answer is a resounding no.

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