How To Start as a Western Canadian Separatist

If you are a new comer to the new Western Canadian Separatist movement, I say welcome.  You are not alone.

The idea of Western Canadian Separatism is NOT a new one, but in no small part thanks to former Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, the movements behind Western Separatism had died down and lay dormant for a decade.

This is a new moment.  A new chance to succeed where other movement has failed.

The most important thing you must do if you are embracing Western Separatism is educate yourself.

Odds are, you were willing to entertain the idea of Western Separatism because of an emotional indignation.

You are angry at something some politician somewhere did.

You are fearful for your future or the future of your children within the Canadian confederation.

You have fallen on hard times and are in a state of angst and depression, seeing opportunities that used to be so abundant disappear.

You are ashamed to see what this nation has degenerated to and feel there is no hope it can ever recover.

You are not alone if so.

That said, you have to master your emotions and channel them towards renewing your mind to embrace the idea that your province separating from Canada is both possible and positive.

Having done so, the next step is to seek out like minded individuals and start sharing information.

While there have been separatist movements all throughout Canadian history in every province, there has never been a separatist movement in the Information Era.  In the era where the internet and digital communications enable society to spread information and ideas in ways that previously were impossible.

One of the primary reasons every past Canadian separatist movement failed is because the populace allowed their emotions to overrule their sense of reason.  The only way to avoid that fate is personal education.

For us as Western Separatists to succeed where every other movement has failed, we MUST think differently.  We must not be moved by emotions that can be swayed by circumstance and instead be moved by reason and truth.

Thankfully, the truth is on our side.

If you trace the trajectory of all Western Canadian provinces’ involvement in Canada there is a clear pattern.

Things ALWAYS got better in the long run.

Today, every province in Canada enjoys a higher living standard and greater prosperity than they did when they first entered into Canadian confederation.  We have gone from sparsely inhabited, backwater British colonies, to advanced, modern, industrialized economies.

There have been missed opportunities (some tremendous ones), but by and large, in the 110 – 150 years that each Western Canadian province has been a part of Canada, there has been steady, continued progress.

That era is over.

The next 110 – 150 years will see nothing but continued decline and stagnation for all of Canada and there is no avoiding it.

If not us, then the next generation most certainly will not consider being Canadian a blessing.  They will be the ones to see the break up of Canada and they will curse us for not taking action earlier.

The onus then is on us to change ourselves and to be agents of a change 150 years in the making.

It will not be easy.

History has shown clearly that redrawing borders is a very difficult task.  We are blessed that we do not need to resort to violence but instead we can gain our independence through peaceful democratic referendum.

That said, to be successful following that path there are a few simple steps we must take.

Before we can accomplish anything we have to take to social media and seek out and share information about separatism with others.

Here are some specific groups to look for:

The Republic of Western Canada

The Alberta Independence Movement

Alberta Freedom Party

The Western Independence Party of Manitoba

The Canadian Independence Movement

The Western Independence Party of Saskatchewan

Alberta is a separate country

Separation of Alberta from the Liberal East

Note that being a new movement, there is as of yet no centralized leadership.

The tone, opinions, perspectives, and content of each group varies and, as of now, there is little consensus among the groups about which direction to take going forward.

Some consider this a deterrent however this is actually an enormous advantage this new movement possesses.  Being decentralized, growth can be organic and success is not dependent upon any one individual or group.

What is important is that between the different groups, there are tens of thousands of ordinary Westerners receptive of the idea of Separatism.

Where we go from here is to simply boost our numbers.

We need to expand the presence of separatists throughout our communities and across the internet on as many different forms of media as possible.

We need people to comment on news stories, especially on the CBC, expressing our belief in separatism.  We need more news feeds, blogs, websites, videos, and social media personalities generating more separatist specific content.

The next Federal election is in 2020.  Just under 4 years from now.

We need to build up momentum for this movement such that everyone, from coast to cost, realizes that we in the West are serious.

We see no way forward but to embrace this simple idea:

The West Wants Out.

If you are starting out, you can help immeasurably by simply sharing that idea.


3 thoughts on “How To Start as a Western Canadian Separatist

  1. Western Canada has always been a resource driven economies, and that is the strength of this geographic area. The Federal Government has kept the Western Provinces, financially and politically underfoot for the last 50 years. Tidewater ports are the key to separation and this requires British Columbia to be fully committed to being a partner. The Hudson Bay would give the West an Eastern Tidewater based to creating a year around movement of ocean vessels. Financing can be secured with Major Corporation World wide. The World Bank would review the assets of raw materials that the Western provinces can supply. Education and the Technology is already in place with Alberta being innovated in the Oil & Gas Industry, Forestry, Mining. To move forward a matrix is required to address all issues of this geographic area separating from Confederation. Emotions have to be held in check and good Business practice and parliamentary expertise is required from past politicians to create a new Charter for a Republic. Our World is changing so dramatically and in very short time frames for business and political agendas. The U.S.A. can continue to be a good trading partner and also an investor, but I do not believe that we need to become the next State of the U.S.A. This will be an emotional issue with the people of Western Canada in being part of a 150 years of history, but if they are educated to the benefits both financially and for the future of their Grandchildren then Separation is not only viable but will be embraced by the people.

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