The Key to Western Canada’s Independence: Alberta Oil

The United States is critically dependent upon Alberta’s oil.

US Oil Consumption, Production, and Imports

Alberta’s oil represent 98% of all proven oil reserves in Canada. 80% of Canada’s oil production comes from Alberta.

40% of the oil the United States imports comes from Canada.

Put simply, the vast majority of oil the United States imports comes from Alberta.

When one looks at geopolitical events of the past 40 years, it is absolutely clear the strategic importance oil plays in American foreign policy.  The United States is literally willing to overthrow governments halfway across the world and deploy the most powerful military assets in history to maintain a stable supply of oil.

With Donald Trump now openly calling for American energy “dominance” as a “strategic, economic and foreign policy goal” if elected President, the writing is absolutely on the wall for Canada.

That dominance will be unattainable if not for the stable supply of oil that comes primarily from Northern Alberta.

Regardless of who wins the 2016 US Presidential Election, American domestic energy independence will be a top priority in the United States.

This gives Alberta a tremendous form of leverage that no one else on planet possess.  The ability to supply to the world’s only economic and military superpower a commodity absolutely essential to their way of life.

Go back to the 1980’s during the National Energy Program years.  A scam by Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau to rob Albertans of control of our oil.

Alberta Premiere Peter Lougheed “retaliated” by reducing oil production to 85% of capacity with one very relevant condition: that if there was any shortage of oil in Canada, such an order would be suspended.

Lougheed understood that supply shortages of oil would cause chaos and a potential collapse in the rule of law across Canada.  As most survivalists would say – it would be a SHTF situation as transportation costs would skyrocket, causing shortages of life essentials (such as food and medicine) throughout the country.  Riots would likely have ensued.  People may have lost their lives.

Premiere Lougheed recognized the severity of that one action and he was not prepared to follow through with it.

Fast forward to today.

Global Warming extremists at International, Federal and Provincial levels endlessly fear-monger about the apocalyptic consequences of Alberta’s oil.

They give hypocritical lectures and hate on the Alberta oil sands, the most ignorant of which campaigning to shut them down.

Their solutions though, are not actually to shut them down but to use governments to redistribute the wealth those oil sands generate that rightly belongs to Albertans.

The reason none of the acolytes of the Global Warming cult (including the Rachel Notley NDP) are serious about shutting down Alberta’s oil sands is because they KNOW the Americans need it and they know to what extent the Americans will go to get it.

One day in our near future, Alberta separatists will sit in the Alberta Provincial Legislature.

When they do, they will know they have the power to cause a supply shortage, the likes of which Peter Lougheed would have been able to cause in the 1980’s.  In so doing, they will have the power to rouse a sleeping giant.

This is the key for Western Canadian Independence.

The power Alberta possesses to cause widespread chaos and a breakdown in the rule of law, not just in Canada, but in the United States.  All through a simple legislative process that has a very recent historical precedent to draw upon.

One might argue if Albertans ever committed such an act, the United States would be prompted to take direct military action as they did against Iraq when they threatened the supply of oil in the 1990’s and 2000’s by accepting Euro for their oil under the Saddam Hussein regime.

The problem with this assertion is that the US military was never able to pacify Iraq, a land mass 2/3’s the size of Alberta, within striking range of US naval assets, in a climate and a region that throughout history has been proven suitable for human warfare.

There is a single road leading into Fort McMurray, the gateway to Alberta’s oil sands.  It is 1000km north of the US border, in a harsh, remote geography and climate with very limited infrastructure capable of supporting an extended supply chain.  That is a challenge the people in Northern Alberta are accustomed to that the US military is not.

Quite literally, Highway 63 in Alberta is of comparable strategic importance as the Straight of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf or the Suez Canal in Egypt.  Consider the fact that there is already enough heavy equipment in the area to permanently demolish and blockade it.

That’s not even factoring into account that every Alberta city, town, and village has dozens to thousands of highly skilled frontiersman and marksmen.  Hunters, farmers, sport shooters, and well trained military veterans.

Falling into several of those categories myself, if Alberta, my home, were ever threatened by a foreign military occupier, you can be certain I would take up arms to defend her.

Contrast that to the rabble and riff-raff in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq that formed highly effective insurgencies that the US military could never defeat.

An American invasion of Alberta would be as successful as Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812 or the American invasion of Iraq in the 2000’s.

In short, no one will ever control Alberta’s oil but Albertans.

This then gives us an opportunity to be major brokers in a deal that sees the formation of a new, independent, Western Canadian state.

Alberta can negotiate the terms whereby the United States guarantees, recognizes and protects the sovereignty of a new Western Canadian nation.

Partnering with British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, we can form a grand new nation, free from the historic failings and exploitation of old Canada.  Combining our unique geopolitical and strategic importance with a diverse economy of our neighboring provinces, we can be more prosperous and more free than anything we could ever imagined in old Canada.

Alberta oil is the key to start Western Canadian Independence.  But the key is not the treasure.

The treasure is the promise of a bright future in a new Western Canadian nation.

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