The Simplest Explanation for Western Separatism

“On the plans already is for a tax increase on young people, on consumption, on energy that will in essence transfer 1/3 if not more of the economy of Alberta to service retirement costs in Quebec and Ontario… In Canada, secession is legal.”

This response from Peter Zeihan’s sums up the imperative for Western Canadian separatism.

Zeihan implies Alberta will automatically default to accession to the United States. He also leaves no mention of the rest of Western Canada.

I don’t believe it necessarily needs to come to that.

The reality is when Alberta separates from Canada, Ontario will look with hungry eyes to Saskatchewan, then to British Columbia, then to Manitoba.

The choice in the coming years will be clear for all of Western Canada, beyond Alberta:

  1. Become vassals to service the irresponsibility of the governments of Eastern Canada in perpetuity, or
  2. Separate and take a shot at a brighter, but uncertain, future.

Personally, I’d rather take the uncertain possibility of a better future as an independent Albertan than the guarantee of mediocrity as a Canadian.

I’d rather call the fine people from BC through to Manitoba my countrymen.

I have nothing against the people beyond those borders.  I wish them well in every regard.

When they inherit their own nation – be it an Eastern Canadian Confederation or nationhood as individual provinces – they are welcomed here.

So too, are people from the United States, or nations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

We do not need to be bound by an antiquated idea of quasi-federalism to peacefully coexist.

I eagerly look forward to the day that people from Quebec or Ontario come visit Calgary with the same appreciation that I do people from Germany, Montana, or China.

In that day instead of the awkward underlying animosity over them being citizens of a territory whose governments have a vested interest in exploiting my own, I think I can better befriend them and greet them as guests.

7 thoughts on “The Simplest Explanation for Western Separatism

  1. I certainly do not see an “uncertain future” for Alberta – certainly not as uncertain as it would have been for Quebec! We have resources, a highly educated and skillful workforce and the majority language of world commerce and North America. Alberta embraces right wing democracy and capitalism to a higher degree than most of Canada and is culturally compatible to neighbour and biggest business client to the south. I should think Alberta’s positives far outweigh any negatives – such as small population! I also think, given the reality of Alberta out of Canadian confederation, that B.C., Sask., and Manitoba would soon join as would the 3 territories and that would solve the population problem wouldn’t it?

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  2. If Alberta separates, BC and Saskatchewan will follow. As far as uncertainty goes, remember that this is a process that would likely take years, possibly as long as a decade. There are thousands of things to work out such as pensions, monetary policy share of national debt, tariffs on trade, even things such as driver’s licenses and birth certificates and citizenship. So there’s no need to panic or believe what the naysayers would try to sell us in a Chicken Little scenario. It is the best, most sure way to progress for Western Canada.

    As far as how things would be in Ontario, Quebec or the Maritimes…well, all I can say is that I would care about them as much as they’ve cared about us.

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  3. trudeau senior slipped a provision in that in order to ceed the decision has to be aproved by the majority ofthe others provinces. so I think we can’t just decide to split and leave. plus they would want us to pay our portion of national debt, pension plan, health and military and what ever eles they can think of.

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    1. If the other provinces refused the west’s secession in accordance with Trudeau’s decree it would be tantamount to a declaration of war. Given how pansy Canada has become, even with clear and obvious threats, I highly doubt anyone would have the stomach for a civil war.


  4. I believe we would be better off if we had Saskatchewan join us in separation from Canada. The Yukon and Northwest Territory would soon Follow. B.C. should stay with Ontario until the Liberals are Defeated, only then could they join the west. Alberta must ELIMINATE the NDP before separating from Canada. LETS GET IT ON!

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  5. i have noticed there are several groups pushing an independent Alberta. Although I am for independence, I dont think it has a chance until all independent parties form one separatist movement. i think people need to decide what is more important. Whether they get to lead the separatist party or that Alberta successfully separates.Three or four separatist parties to the polls would be a losing venture out of the gate. One united party may produce a totally different outcome. Just saying.

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