The Coming Canadian Shipwreck

I’ve known for quite some time Canada is in big trouble.  I have spent years preparing for a major downturn in Canada and I am confident in saying, the time has come.

Even under Stephen Harper, it was evident Canada was a cruise liner on a slow motion collision course with an iceberg and there was nothing anyone could have done to stop it.

Harper did his best, but it was in vain.  Ever since (and I say, entirely because) Pierre Elliot Trudeau was at the helm, Canada was headed in this direction.

With oil prices where they are and no end in sight, it is apparent the tip of the iceberg has breached the hull and we are taking on water.

Not surprisingly, it’s the oil producing oil Western provinces that have been keeping the ship afloat and we are now mangled beyond repair.

What comes next isn’t pretty, however, it also won’t be immediately apparent.

While our Federal politicians of all stripes will be rearranging the deck chairs, taking selfies and popping champagne, those of us in the flooded lower decks are seeing our friends and loved ones drowned and lost as the Canadian economy slowly but certainly takes on water.

It won’t be until the ship has split in half and capsized that our leaders and the Eastern elites will realize the gravity of the situation.  Up until the moment they see their friends and family losing their jobs, homes, livelihoods and dignity will they finally concede there was even a problem.

Only when it has come past the point of no return will they come up with any meaningful solution.

It will be too late.

I fully expect the Captain (Prime Minister Trudeau) and ships officers (politicians of all stripes, both Federal and Provincial), to jettison their lifeboats abandoning the rest of us plebs to our destruction or worse.  Once they are safely off-ship, I expect they will have left just enough lifeboats for their Eastern Canadian supporters, while in the West, we look on in horror at our landlocked resources and hordes of unemployed.

Canada is taking on water, there is no bailing it out.  Separation is our only lifeboat.

Will it be luxurious and comfortable?  No.

Will Captain Trudeau and privileged Canadian nationalists on the upper decks, like Rachel Notley, make it easy for us?  No.

Will see not just our economies, but our way of life and the future of our children crushed and at the bottom of the ocean if we don’t make the mad dash for the lifeboats of independence?  Yes.

No one is going to help us, but ourselves.  The only way forward is separation!

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