Canada Will Fail (Part 1): No Concept of Value

Conventional wisdom in Canada discourages the creation of value.

Instead of focusing on activity that creates real value through mutual voluntary exchange, generations of Canadians have been brainwashed with the false, socialist narrative that work equals value regardless of the actual outcome, result or product of such work.

Sadly, this is an ideology that bisects the political spectrum, with both liberals and conservatives parroting the demonstrably false idea of “getting a job” or “working hard” as a prerequisite to being worthy of credibility or respect.

Following this train of logic, all of Canada could escape from it’s current economic malaise if someone could just hire everyone to dig holes and fill them back up again. “Someone” being a big corporation, big government, or an unholy alliance of both (as is usually the case in Canada – that’s actually how our nation was founded).

To economically illiterate Canadians, it doesn’t matter that the start state is exactly the same as the end state, if someone did a lot of work, the unchanged product has value even though there is absolutely no efficiency, utility, or novelty gained through the exchange. This principle is very obvious in government agencies – including the Military or Law Enforcement, but is also often present in the Canadian private sector.

It is entirely a consequence of the “get a job and work hard” mindset that is a sort of new age religion among Canadians.

Herein lies the biggest reason Canada will cease to exist within the next decade (or two).

Many Canadians think if they work hard, no matter how pointless the work, they are creating value.

Many other Canadians reach the obvious conclusion that if the start state is the same as the end state, there is actually no point in doing anything at all.

When these two ideologies mix, you get economic chaos, which we are seeing manifest in Canada today.

Those who believe pointless busywork creates value feed the sense of entitlement of those who think there is no point in working.

The rational of those who think work is pointless is impossible to rationally refute by those who believe in pointless busywork.  As a result, “hard working” Canadians either become sloth themselves or create non-existent justifications for why their work is valuable, when a truthful analysis would reveal it is not.

The end result is that the economy ends up completely incapable of intentionally creating any kind of real value.

By this, Canada is an excellent illustration of the failure of socialism: Canadian institutions (both in the private and public sector) are bloated and inefficient, full of useless bureaucrats and busybodies, dividing up and consuming what little wealth is left.

Outside of Canadian institutions are armies of reasonable, capable people who choose not to create value for anyone because the system of welfare and entitlements create perverse incentive to be lazy.

This system is doomed to fail because there is only so much wealth that can be consumed, before no more is left.

Because most Canadians today have no concept of value – they have no idea how to store value, that is – to create wealth.

This is the reason most Canadians, Canadian Provincial governments, and the Canadian Federal government are drowning in debt they obviously can never repay.

Faced with this unavoidable reality – there is only one logical future for Canada: bankruptcy.

In Part 2 of this series, we will examine how Western Canada has the inherit ability to change this ubiquitous Canadian failure and survive through the coming Canadian bankruptcies.

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