Alberta Independence: Better than US Statehood

Alberta has a chance in independence to attain something even better than American statehood.  When Alberta separates from Canada, the United States would immediately offer us statehood into the union. If (and that’s a BIG if) Albertans made the choice, it is likely within hours our province would be the newest American state. Objectively speaking, American statehood is … More Alberta Independence: Better than US Statehood

Alberta Separation: What Comes Next?

It is anyone’s guess what would happen when Alberta Separates.  Certainly, after separation, Alberta will face serious challenges but we also will be in a unique situation with leverage to institute positive change, not just for ourselves, but for all Canadians. In his book, Accidental Superpower (a book I highly recommend), Peter Zeihan proposes that joining the US would … More Alberta Separation: What Comes Next?

If Not Separation, How About Merger?

Alberta and Saskatchewan joined confederation at the exact same time (1905). The region Prior to both provinces had been a set of independent districts of the North West Territories. The Eastern Canadian elites created Alberta and Saskatchewan as separate provinces because they were concerned one day the people in that region might challenge their economic and political … More If Not Separation, How About Merger?

Canada Will Fail (Part 1): No Concept of Value

Conventional wisdom in Canada discourages the creation of value. Instead of focusing on activity that creates real value through mutual voluntary exchange, generations of Canadians have been brainwashed with the false, socialist narrative that work equals value regardless of the actual outcome, result or product of such work. Sadly, this is an ideology that bisects … More Canada Will Fail (Part 1): No Concept of Value