“O Canada” – A Formula for What Western Canada Could Be


When you read them closely, you start to notice how the lyrics of our national anthem in no way reflect Canada today.  They are, however, prescriptive of what a new separate Western Canadian state could look like and how we can get there.

Only in a separate Western Canada could we find a place to truly call “Our home and native land.”

Canada today as a whole is too big and too diverse to fit that description.

From East to West, we are too different culturally and economically for most of us to call all regions of Canada our “home.”

For us Westerners, unless we have ancestry or obligations, there is little reason to go east of the Manitoba border.

However, from BC to Manitoba, there is enough common culture and economy to build a nation we genuinely can be call home.

Having established a real home for ourselves we would have the independence to govern it as we see fit.

We would be free from the influences of the corrupt institutions of Ottawa, perpetually chosen by the will of the East for the benefit of the East.

This freedom from the divisive nature of Canadian Federalism would inspire all of us to be true patriots.

It would be the foundation to enable us to love one another as opposed to being forced against our will to be equalized to one another.

When one looks at the mess of political partisanship on the Federal level, it is clear that there can be no unity or cohesion in Canadian society.

This partisanship is entirely a product of the impossible nature of Canada as a whole.

It does not illuminate, ennoble, or cause our hearts to glow.  It leads us to hate and despise one another.  It darkens our hearts.

From coast to coast, when we see our leaders squabble like little children, we are not filled with a sense of hope that we will ever see our nation rise to new heights.

When legislators are obviously corrupt and dishonest  it’s hard to believe that our nation is strong or that we as citizens are free.

From far and wide, the only thing our leadership in Canada today stands on guard for is their own pensions and their own self interests.

They are all out to make a god of themselves.

To attain the highest levels of power, so they can assume divine privilege over those they govern.

All they care about is their own glory and their own freedom.

This all is how we live in the current Confederation of Canada.

When we separate that is what we would be leaving behind.

What we would have instead is the chance to build the nation our anthem describes:

Western Canada would be our home and native land.

A place to truly and patriotically love that we could teach all our children to do likewise.

With noble hearts, we would see our new nation rise to heights impossible today.

We would be the True North, strong and free.

From BC to Manitoba, we would have something we would want to stand on guard for.

No longer would we be ruled by men who aspire to be gods, but only end up tyrants.

Instead, by the non-supremacy of men and with the rule of law, we would have a bright new future to stand on guard for.

“O Canada” does not exist today.

In Western Separation it could.

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