Canada is a Dictatorship

Dictatorship – a country, government, or the form of government in which absolute power is exercised by a dictator.

Sounds an awful lot like Canada, only we have periodic exercises to democratically elect our dictators.

As an “Old Stock” Albetan, there is no way Thomas Mulcair would have been my first choice as dictator.  In spite of this, the Mulcair’s campaign promises of fiscal responsibility and repeal Bill C-51 resonated with me.

In BC it was a close race between the Mulcair and Trudeau for dictator.  In Saskatchewan, Mulcair came out ahead of Trudeau as runner up dictator.

I think in the mind of most Westerners the desired outcome was a conservative majority or even minority dictatorship with an NDP opposition.

An NDP minority dictatorship with a conservative opposition would have been tolerable.

Even a full out NDP majority dictatorship with a conservative opposition, though irksome would not have been as bad as the dictatorship we ended up with.

Some may say: “It could be worse.  Imagine a Trudeau dictatorship with an NDP opposition?”

To some degree, that might have been worse, but practically speaking not so.  Under our current Canadian system, there is nothing of substance that the Federal conservatives can do in opposition to constrain the Trudeau majority dictatorship .

This is the nature of Canadian Federalism:  We elect Prime Ministers in name but dictators in practice.

Justin Trudeau is fully aware of and embraces this fact, and now he is the Dictator of Canada.

To that point there is a grim, unavoidable reality we in Western Canada now face.

Just over a month into Justin Trudeau’s 4 year dictatorship, it is easy to predict the direction the Federal Government is going to take.

Using his dictatorial powers, Justin Trudeau will bribe all the ridings that voted Liberal and NDP into voting Liberal.  He will call this “infrastructure investment” but anyone with half a brain will realize it is blatant, vote buying.

As a side note, the ONLY reason Stephen Harper is not our current dictator is because he failed to bribe enough ridings during his tenure as dictator (especially those ridings in Eastern Canada) .

Justin Trudeau is not likely to make the same mistake.

This means interior BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and large swaths of Manitoba will flip the bill for dictatorship preserving “infrastructure investments” everywhere else in Canada, especially in the East.

This is why the West must reconstitute a new nation.

We are perpetually at the mercy of dictators whose graces will only extend to those who will help them seize power, their wrath on anyone who stands in their way.

Our entire system of Federalism is completely and totally unworkable.  Being dictatorial in nature, it only leads to division and dysfunction which in turn creates an entirely despotic society.

When we separate and form our own nation, we have a chance to leave behind the broken model of Canadian Federal dictatorship and build a new, free nation protecting the people from the supremacy of dictators and recognizing the rule of law.

Let’s make it happen.  We have to make it happen.


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