Western Canada Must Divorce the East

Prior to World War 2, Canada had one of the lowest divorce rates in the Western world.  It was not until Pierre Elliot Trudeau was elected in 1968 that divorce laws were liberalized and divorce rates skyrocketed.

Today, divorce and the “freedom” that comes from being single is revered and deemed culturally acceptable.

Being happily married with 3 children myself, I have limited knowledge on the subject of divorce.  I do have friends and acquaintances who are divorced.

Many have told me that their relationship with their former spouse was so toxic that it is like starting a new life after being divorced.

Others tell me that while they hated their spouse while they were married, after divorcing them, they were actually able to befriend them.

Some tell me that while married, their spouse lead them to believe “they could never survive on their own,” but after divorcing them, they proved them wrong.

Being happily married, I understand what it means to avoid getting divorced.

It means both partners need to make compromises in the relationship.

It means both partners need to respect the other partners individual character and needs.

It means both partners need to provide for one another’s needs, not just serve their own.

It means both partners need to be willing to forgive the other’s transgressions but make an effort not to habitually transgress them.

The relationship between Western Canada and Eastern Canada bears no resemblance to a happy marriage.

There are issues for which there is no compromise.  The Edmonton based National Firearms Association rightly made an advertisement campaign to highlight how gun owners have always compromised while Eastern Canada based gun control freaks never do.  Their agenda is the complete prohibition of all firearms in Canada.

Remember, rates of restricted firearms ownership are highest in the West.

Canada’s equalization system system does nothing to serve the interests of Western Canada.  It does everything to serve Eastern Canada’s needs at the West’s expense.

Older generations of Westerners will never forgive Pierre Elliot Trudeau for the damage he did to their provinces.  Justin Trudeau is well on his way establishing the same rapport with younger Westerners.  It is well established that he blames Albertans for all of Canada’s problems and feels all of Canada belongs to Quebec.

Eastern Canada’s broad support for Justin Trudeau in the past election only highlights that Eastern Canada view Western Canada as their property, not their equal partner.

In essence, Eastern Canada is like an abusive husband who tells his wife he owns her, she is nothing without him, and she is incapable of surviving on her own.  Adding salt to the wound, he expects her to go out and earn an income to feed his drug addiction (Eastern Canada is habitually addicted to debt), while he goes out and parties.

To stay in Canada is like telling women trapped in such relationships to just stick it out and stay with the abusive, exploitative loser.

It’s like telling such women that, once in a while, the deadbeat husband will see things her way and go easy on her (Eastern Canada did allow an Albertan Conservative to be Prime Minister for a little while).

It’s like saying the systematic and unavoidable toxicity in their relationship can just be papered over by meaningless, superficial gestures, and that she should just wait and hope he will change.

Eastern Canada never will change.

In the West, we have the legal right to file for divorce:  Democratic referendums in each of our provinces that illustrate a clear majority of us want out of this unworkable marriage.

Divorcing the East is the only way for the West to gain it’s freedom.  It might be the only way we will ever get along with the East.

As Justin Trudeau said when questioned about his cabinet selections, his response was “It’s 2015.”

In 2015 divorce is a normal part of our society.

It’s time for Western Canada to divorce the East.

7 thoughts on “Western Canada Must Divorce the East

  1. When I started to read your editorial I was wondering where it was leading. Well I agree, if the West was to divorce, I’m sure our hard ships would last all of a month or so. Then things would look up & business would be as usual & better. The East would be looking to doing business with the new country. To think the East would have to pay world prices & shipping for grains to make cereals & oils. mmm Oh they would sell the products back to us at a reasonable price; as now we can shop for the best prices.
    We could buy fuel at a reasonable with out the rape taxes ( carbon tax, fuel tax,ect) The East can continually buy Blood oil for there use & natural gas would be premium to the East.
    People don’t think we could survive, well folks here are some of the things we have — farming, oil & gas, mining, Hydro, logging, manufacturing of many different descriptions, chemical manufacturing. That’s some of the bigger industries, there are many small mom & pop business. So you see we can divorce with out hardship.
    The problem I see at this moment is the NDP will have our oil all but shut down with in 4 years; the coal industry will be shut down, The Liberals are on the same mission & will held murder the West, starting with no pipelines or tankers on the West Coast. The East will rape the West of every nickel to pay for Easter Canada’s extravagant spending.
    I believe the West needs to gather some good people ASP for a new political party; Talking is great, but things have to start soon, so we can get a following & also show people why it’s in there best interest to join & support.

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    1. Ken, believe me when I say things are coming together! Actually within the last 2 days you’d be just as surprised as we were to gather the people that we did behind the scenes that could easily have this up and running faster that we had imagined.

      Our new website
      Is a place where we are asking people to migrate. It is a coalition website between AIM and the Republic of Western Canada group.

      Once something a little more solid is in place,it will be released.
      If it makes you feel even just a little better, we have eyes watching us closely. However without the necessary two feet firmly on the ground, they must remain anonymous and we need to respect that. Things ARE happening.

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  2. I am so glad things are happening. I have been waiting for a long time for this. When Steven Harper was pm I thought maybe we would be OK but unfortunately he was not re-elected. We need to get away from the east ASAP before they screw us up even worse. Maybe then we can find a way to make sure snotley cannot wreck everything and we can get rid of her and her party. Then I will be happy because I will know that my grandchildren will be safe.

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  3. Your post was shared so I read it. As a Western Canadian (BC) , I think we all should revisit the original Cascadia idea.
    It was a movement started after the Dad screwed the West with bad energy policies and then the Mulroney era with bad trade deals that screwed the Forest Industries .. Read up on it.
    Alaska , Yukon, BC, Alberta, Wash, Oregon, Idaho and Montana…. We have close to 65% of the natural resources of North America in this area….Do we get the recognition of our Eastern “masters” for this….

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  4. I have hope for the first time in a long time. Although a crude term, “rape” is exactly the descriptive of eastern Canada to the west. How many times does the perpetrator have to come at you until you say “enough”? We can do this. I really believe in the western Canadian electorate.

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