Real Change Won’t Come From Trudeau, but In Spite of Him

Before I had even considered Alberta separation, I knew big change was coming.  We already see it being manifest in many new developments, including ares two of interest to me: the Sharing Economy and Cryptocurrency.

In my discussions with an older conservative federalist, he often would ridicule me for my belief that a “major event” will fundamentally change the way our world works.

This was one of my responses to his latest derision, specifically in response to Western Separation being the “major event” that will bring about the biggest change:

Separation will be the “major event” and, in a sense, it will throw us back 100 years in terms of impact.

How many borders were redrawn in 1918? In 2018, we have a very real chance at being able to redraw the borders of Canada.  Alberta and Saskatchewan only joined Confederation in 1905.

Also, WHEN separation happens, new economic models and innovations (like the sharing economy and cryptocurrency) will explode in popularity.

The big issue I see on the horizon is the great devaluation of the Canadian dollar.  Trudeau’s election platform almost assured it would happen.

Dumping billions of dollars of borrowed money into the economy on “infrastructure” investments won’t create growth.  It will create a LOT of inflation.

This will also cause capital shortages as any sane person pulls their money out of the banks to speculate and as retired Baby Boomers start spending their savings.

These capital shortages will be met with interest rate hikes that will paralyze the highly indebted with no real viable source of revenue.  Ontario and Quebec with their ridiculous debt and unproductive economies especially will suffer and in response, will petition the Federal Government to underwrite their debt (i.e. – bail them out).

At that point, the national debt will explode as the Ontario and Quebec provincial debt are added to it.

There is no way in hell Trudeau would let either Ontario or Quebec go into default and experience Greek style austerity. He’d rather let Alberta and Saskatchewan go through that.

As for those Trudeau “infrastructure” investments, we all know they will be blatant Liberal vote buying schemes.  Ontario, Quebec, the Atlantic provinces, and even urban BC will be showered by Federal money which will guarantee the Liberals get reelected in the 2019 election.

Moreover, just watch as the liberals flood swing ridings with poor, uneducated immigrants and refugees, giving them free welfare (compliments of Justin Trudeau).  Within 2 – 3 elections these people will contribute nothing to Canada and won’t vote for a party who asks them to integrate or get off welfare, just ask Calgary North East.

One way or the other, Alberta and Saskatchewan will be economically shattered by the Federal government’s “Minister of climate change” and her carbon taxes on the oil and gas industry.

We always vote Conservative federally anyway so it will be no skin off Trudeau’s back when we protest the wanton destruction of our provinces.

Saskatchewan has a premier with a spine who will try to stand his ground for his province.  Alberta has a globalist, church of climate change acolyte sell out premiere, elected by Eastern Canadian grasshoppers who sung away the summer while we Albertan ants toiled and saved for winter.

There’s going to be a LOT of angry people in Alberta in the next 3 or 4 years who will want to separate.  All we need is a clear majority of Albertans who support separation in a referendum and it’s ours.

The ONLY future that doesn’t involve being under the boot of the Federal government is separation.

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