Canada – A Nation With No Brains

I got into a heated exchange with an older, conservative Federalist who got a bit worked up when I posted about Western Separation.

He made a remark to me starting with “You’re young so…”

I admit, that caused a flash of anger which I quickly contained and wrote this response (slightly reformatted):

“I’m not the only one who’s young.

Alberta and Saskatchewan are the youngest provinces in the country. Do you think it’s a coincidence that we voted Conservative?

What bothered me the most was that the Liberal platform and Trudeau’s clear ideology was anti-Alberta, anti-oil and gas, pro-welfare for everyone.  Mulcair at least tried to pretend being a fiscal conservative, and I had thought the loony lefties would at least see the sense in voting for him.

I may be young, but I remember the stories my Dad told me about the NEP.  I never fully realized and understood the disdain Albertans had for PET but talking to my elders and being at the point in my life where I can fully grasp how destructive his policies were, I understand the necessity for separation.

Not only so, we don’t have a Premier in Alberta who will fight back against Ottawa the way my parents’ generation did when Lougheed was in office. Instead, we have a provincial government many of us true Albertans perceived voted in by freeloading out-of-province transients who came to work in Alberta for a share of it’s prosperity during our high time.

These people had no interest in growing Alberta, just coming in and earning a quick buck off our booming economy.  In the process, they imported the progressive dogma that destroyed their home provinces.  When the hard times hit, they flew back home because welfare programs are better in their home provinces (in no small part thanks to past transfer payments from us).

So now we are at a point in our history where as a consequence of the Clarity Act that came out from the Quebec referendums, we have the clear legal right to separate.  We have the demographic composition of three large generational blocks who remember or can understand how Alberta was annihilated by a Trudeau.

We have the internet, a huge social media presence, access to all the records of history to prove how economically unworkable Canada is, and another Trudeau whose position as our ruler only castes the Canadian confederation as a system of dynastic nepotism as opposed to a real democracy.

We have 4 years under Trudeau, given the demographic composition of the rest of Canada likely many more after that.

In our lifetime, I’m making the call (and helping drive the movement) for an Albertan split from Canada.  With it, I support the separation of the remaining Western Provinces and the formation of a new Western confederation.  This is as likely as a Conservative majority in Ottawa.

Just wait and watch, I’m sure when Trudeau comes back from his globe-trotting tour and in particular, the Paris Climate Change Conference, he won’t be unveiling any policy or programs that will win him favor in Alberta.”

Reading that, I was reminded of a quote, sometimes attributed to Winston Churchill.


From a demographic perspective, the average age of every province (excluding the territories) is well over 40, except Alberta and Saskatchewan .

The Liberals won in every province but Alberta and Saskatchewan.

I think it’s clear, Canada is a nation with no brains.

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