What My 1-year Old Taught Me About Eastern Canadian Progressives

As I sat down tonight  to give my youngest daughter her bed-time bottle, she illustrated a profound lesson.  Every time I tried to put the nipple to her face, she pushed it away.

When I set the bottle down on the windowsill besides my rocking chair she reached for it herself, started drinking and eventually dozed off.

I believe it is innate human nature to try to test boundaries.  My two older daughters are making that clear to me.  That being said, while overstepping boundaries is foolish rebellion, testing boundaries is the natural process of personal development.

Ultimately, it is only by constantly pushing up against our limitations that we discover what we are fully capable of.  I believe progressives (of which there are abundance of, east of Manitoba) do not understand this concept.

It is almost as if when they were 1 year old, they had the natural desire to test boundaries erased from their consciousness.

Instead of wanting to reach out and grab the bottle for themselves, it’s as if they are conditioned to believe some loving parent would (or should) always be there to just jam it in their mouth.  Eastern Canadians almost seem unable to function without clear, defined boundaries in which they can sit safely and comfortably knowing mommy, daddy, or the Federal Government will provide them with everything they need.

To me, that seems like a pitiful, pathetic existence.  In essence, being an infant trapped in an adults body.

I believe it is a Western Canadian tradition to do the opposite.  To not just wait for something bigger and stronger to come and provide bottle-feed you.  Western Canadians want to be bigger, stronger and be able to provide for ourselves.

Whether it’s in providing a livelihood for our families or having the liberty to make choices where success is not guaranteed.  Westerners despise being coddled like children, trapped in a play-pen of mediocrity with our only hope of sustenance being our ability to cry at the top of our lungs when we want something.

Herein is another reason why the West must separate from Canada.

The Western Canadian attitude of independence and self-actualization cannot reconcile with Eastern Canadian culture of dependence and mindless obedience to authority.

Eastern Canadian progressives enjoy being treated like babies, Westerners want to grow up.

The only way we can attain that is to separate.

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