Hope in Separation – A Chance to Begin Again

It’s easy these days to dwell on everything that’s wrong with the world.  To let anger and fear at everything that is wrong rob you of the joy that is possible in the finite minutes you have in this life.

Especially as an Albertan there is no shortage of things to be fearful or angry about.  The dismal economy with no end in sight.   The election of Federal and Provincial Governments that despise you and are actively seeking to destroy your livelihood, independence, and everything you stand for.  Radical Islamic terrorists murdering hundreds of innocent people in far away lands.  The certainty that the Federal Government will deliberately import some of those very terrorists to our land (while giving them free welfare).

Just typing that, I could feel anger start to well up within me.

The danger to this, is that dwelling on what makes you angry robs you of time that can be joyfully spent doing a myriad of things that don’t make you angry or terrified.  Moreover, dwelling on what makes you angry or fearful makes you myopic to the real reason any of us want separation.


Separation from Canada is a chance to begin again.  A chance to rebuild anew on top of the mistakes of the past.

Canada has reached the end.  We all know this.

Knowing this, why devout any mental energy being distressed over any of Canada’s present failures?  Why not devote all your energy instead to starting over?

I have had numerous conversations in the past week with people, building the case for Alberta Independence.

Certainly there are legitimate grievances against the established institution, but more importantly, there are great opportunities that starting a new nation will present.  Opportunities that are impossible in the current arrangement, but completely possible in independence.

Hence, why I am asking anyone who is serious on this subject of separation not to just get mad or cower in fear.  Don’t look for some stranger to save you from your circumstances.  Save yourself, with the first step being to ditch the a defeatist attitude that comes with living in anger and fear.  Look into this dark abyss with undarkened eyes and abounding hope, think about what is possible, and then take action to make it so.

You may succeed, you may not.  Certainly, you will never succeed if all you feel in your heart is bitterness or terror.

Start thinking about the day after we gain our independence and the joy we will all feel.  The hope and optimism that we will face a harsh, uncertain future, but we will be the masters of our destiny.  We will be free.

Not a day goes by where I do not think about what I will tell my children 20 year from now when they are young adults.  I know they will have questions about what I did personally at this critical fulcrum in history.

I will tell them I saw a dark future in the old status quo but my eyes were not darkened in despair over the struggles in front of me.  Instead, I will tell them I took action to leave the old ways behind, began again, and created for them a newer, better home.

A free, independent Alberta.

What will you say to your kids or mine when they ask you?

4 thoughts on “Hope in Separation – A Chance to Begin Again

  1. Well written, you are saying what a lot us are thinking. That said why aren’t we asking BC & Sask. to join the cause or for that matter also include Manitoba & NWT. The Separation needs to get more public start to talk about things like when we do separate any one that works here will pay taxes directly to our new country… to get citizenship you have to speak english. negotiate with Ottawa on paying a portion of the defence as long as we have a 50% say. We will pay a portion of the Old age pension, medical, unemployment until we have ours setup. The free hand out to Quebec will cease & desist — that wound put app 20,000,000 in the coppers right away. These are just a few things that need to be discussed, to start. Have a great day.

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    1. Separation Referendums will be provincial, Alberta has the best chance to separate. It other provinces want to separate, we should form a new confederation, but first things first those provinces have to vote to separate individuLly


    2. I used to live in Alberta and now live in B.C. and would join Alberta in a heartbeat and I am sure Saskatchewan and Manitoba and maybe even part of Northern Ontario would follow suit!We now have a dictator in Ottawa who could care less about us so it is time to go before the new prince drops potential terrorists on our doorstep!I am in!

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