Canada: Divided We Stand, United We Fall

There was a time when united, Canada was stronger than the sum of its parts. This nostalgia for what Canada once was has blinded us from the reality of what Canada actually is.

Canada, a land once kept glorious and free by God, today either rejects the existence of God or welcomes a pantheon of strange, foreign gods.

There is no common ethic, moral or value for Canadians to rally behind.  There is no consensus on the meaning of something as fundamental as the first line of our Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms – the highest law of the land.

As a people, Canadians are deeply divided.

We cannot agree on anything, who should lead us least of all.  Whether Conservative or Liberal, 1/9th of us choose who will have dictatorial power over the rest of us in supposed  “democratic” elections.

Critical issues that highlight the severity of our divisions such as when life begins, what it’s value is and how and why it should end are considered too taboo for civil dialogue.

Superfluous, meaningless issues (like the appropriateness of a middle eastern headscarf) make each of us indignant to the point we choose our leaders based on their stance on them.

“Shut up” is the institutional and cultural norm when it comes to any debate over any topic of seriousness.  There is an irrational reverence for the awkward silence that comes from the lack of consensus on everything.

Yelling the loudest and assembling the greatest mob of unruly, emotionally charged supporters is the basis of our legislative framework and our government’s decision making process.

Our courts are stacked with unjust judges.

Our economy is managed by people who know nothing about economics.

Our media is run by hacks who know nothing about objectivity.

Our “diversity” has surpassed any possibility of cohesion,  creating fundamental and irreconcilable divisions.

There is no way to unite this nation.

The obvious and predictable destiny of a pitiful nation like Canada is it’s unavoidable collapse.  The question is how are we going to manage it?

Are we going to have a safe, controlled demolition through peaceful, democratic referendum for provincial separation?

Or are we going to coast along in our disunity and dysfunction until the day a violent and chaotic explosion of debt, injustice and central planning failures rips the nation to shreds?

Unless you are being willfully ignorant of the present state of Canada, you will see there are no other alternatives.

We either divide ourselves into smaller sovereign nations and stand on our own; or we stay in an impossible, disunited confederation and all fall together.

Alberta Independence is the first step to standing.  

Western separation is the only way forward for all of us.

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