Canadians are the Worst Kind of Liars

Canadians are pathological liars.

We may have an international reputation for being polite, well mannered, and friendly but beneath the surface and superficiality of how we act, we are incapable of viewing, expressing, or accepting the truth.

Truth is so foreign to us, we tell ourselves lies and convince ourselves they are the truth.

Out West, we told ourselves that staying a part of Canada was in our best interests. 10 years ago, when the East voted Stephen Harper in as Prime Minister, we told ourselves everything was going to be okay.

Both of these turned out to be blatant lies.

Stephen Harper told the greatest lie the night of his defeat on 19 Oct 2015.

“The people are always right.”

It was a bald faced lie that the people gathered in the Telus Convention Centre applauded with all the fanfare of the Calgary Flames scoring in overtime on Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.

We have the clear record of history to show that the people are not always right and those who say otherwise are liars.

If the people were always right, monsters like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao would be historical figures revered for legacies of ethically advancing human civilization, as opposed to being tyrannical mass murdering despots.

Ironically, Eastern Canadian progressives with their ever changing line in the sand of moral standards already revere Mao. Within a generation, they will likely exalt Stalin and Hitler as equally great men of progress.

Certainly the world they want to craft bears strong resemblance to the world those monsters built.

This is what happens to a people who are deluded by their own lies. The truth, though obvious, seems completely incomprehensible.

Living in a nation of liars means truth has no home.

Truth is hated with a passion and must at all times be extinguished, suppressed, hidden, and regulated.

In particular, it means the liars in charge must impose censorship on those beneath them, lest they expose the truth. In modern times, we call this political correctness.

Every institution in Canada has become a corrupt institution of lies. I don’t even need to cite any specific example because I am so confident that if you are a Canadian, you can immediately think of at least three that fit into this mold.

If you cannot, I humbly submit that you are lying to yourself about the reality of your circumstances. You have surrendered your personal sovereignty to the lies of the institutions that surround you.

In a world of lies, truth always prevails.

Canada up until this point has been two overlapping circles. A dark circle of lies and a light circle of truth. Where the two met, there was a comfortable grey area of half-truths and white-lies that all of us reveled in.


In the time we are living in we are seeing the separation of these two circles. 

The comfortable grey area of delusional self-deception we resided in is shrinking and soon, it will be gone.

At that point, all that will be left is the dark circle of lies and the light circle of truth.

When that happens each of us will have to make a choice over which we will call our new home.

The dark circle of lies that is Eastern Canadian progressive liberalism, or a separate Western Canadian circle of light where only the truth abounds.

Truth and lies cannot coexist. In the same way, neither can Western and Eastern Canada.


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