Words are More Powerful than Bullets

Words are more powerful than bullets.

This is the only reason for the progressive imposed form of censorship we know as political correctness.

The powers that be know that if they can regulate our words, they can regulate our thoughts.  If they can regulate our thoughts, they can stem the flow of dangerous ideas that challenge their power over us.

Western Separation is the epitome of such an idea.

Ideas may be bulletproof, but without the means to project them, they are powerless.  They are like an unloaded gun sitting on a table.

Words are the bullets by which we are able to project our ideas and just as with bullets fired from a gun, words arm us with tremendous power and even greater responsibility.

Like bullets, words can save life or they can destroy it.

Words can build up and encourage our closest friends and loved ones.  They can also propagate radical ideas that tear into the principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness of this world in high places.

Unlike bullets, words, and the ideas they give power to, do not have to take direct aim at their intended target to have effect.

This is what give words more power than bullets.

When we aim our words we can create greater change than any amount bullets ever could, because with our words we can spread great ideas.

Many in the Western Separatist movement have asked “What next?” or “When do we take action?”

What is next is for each and every one of us to arm ourselves with an idea, fully loaded with the right words to spread it.

We all need to start spreading the idea. Having conversations with our friends, family, coworkers, even casual acquaintances on the bus.

There are those who do not have or understand the idea of Western separation.

Their minds are trapped in the mental prison of blind nationalism and thoughtless obedience to what they think Canada is.  To free them, we must equip ourselves with the right words that will plant the idea in their minds, arming and empowering them to escape themselves.

To this end, these are some of the right kinds of words we need to arm ourselves.

Words of truth.

Nothing we say that we know to be false must ever be projected.  Lies are explosive, overcharged ammunition that kill ideas.  Truth has a way of always prevailing and when it does it completely discredits any idea, legitimate or not, that are associated with lies.

Words of wisdom.

These are words that are inspired in the full knowledge of the truth.  When someone spreads words they are not confident as truthful, they speak words of foolishness.  These words are undercharged ammunition that cause jams and stoppages.  These words don’t necessarily damage an idea, at least not to the extent that lies do, but they do undermine an idea by adding ambiguity to discourse.  Words of wisdom, that is, words inspired by what we know to be true, cause others to think and to see the truth themselves, unlocking the power of their minds as well as our own.

Words of love.

These are words that are an expression of who we are at our inner most core.  Words that come from our soul and express our genuine desire to see the souls of others prosper, even when there is no guarantee of reciprocation.  Words of hate are selfish and that come from our response to our circumstances expressing only the desire to have our circumstances changed for our benefit alone.  Words of hate are words spoken out of anger, despair, frustration, or the myriad of other emotional responses we have to our past and present experiences.  Only when we are capable of mastering our emotions are we capable of speaking words of love.  Words of love are powerful because they connect our souls with the souls of those we are speaking them to.  This unlocks the power of their spirit, along with our own.

Just as there are numerous calibers of bullets, there are numerous calibers of words.

While these words of truth, wisdom and love are among the most powerful, they are not exhaustive.  Our load out of words should also include words of joy, peace. patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

The underlying point is that our words must be reflective of virtues that represent good character.

They must leave our opponents with no opportunity to challenge our character while simultaneously enabling us to be persuasive to those who are undecided.

Most importantly, once we are armed with the right words that convey our idea, we must have the courage to spread them.

The idea is Western Separation.

Let’s lock and load. 


2 thoughts on “Words are More Powerful than Bullets

  1. I have read all your articles, and you truly have the gift of expressing yourself using the written word. Your ideas make immense sense. I would like to encourage you to find other ways to publish and share, so as to reach a greater audience.

    Liked by 1 person

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