The Church of Climate Change and the Coming, Uncertain Journey

Time and time again, socialism has been tried, failed, rebranded and tried again.

Socialism itself is a rebranding of the ancient idea of tyranny, the idea that a small group of elites have some divine privilege to rule over a larger group of people without their consent.

The newest rebranding of this idea takes the label of man made climate change.

It is easy to see why socialist tyrants adopt this strategy.

In developed, industrialized nations like Canada, science is the new religion.  The new “opiate of the masses” as Karl Marx would say.  It is a subject most people have little formal understanding or qualification with but are easily persuaded to think and act on by the assertions of those who do (or who seem to).

Much in the same way the old monarchies of Europe claimed divine privilege over their subjects by exploiting their religious ignorance, modern “Climate science” loving governments claim totalitarian power over their citizens by exploiting their scientific ignorance.

The irony is in post-Christian nations, like Canada, most people do not understand that the basis of “the Separation of Church and State” stems from the historical fact in their time, Churches were institutions where educated and intelligent teachers imparted information to less educated congregants with the ability to influence their hearts and minds.  The modern equivalent being Universities and the Main Stream Media.

In such institutions, whenever the state and it’s monopoly on violence crept in, the combination of influence, power and human nature inevitably lead to despotism and tyranny.

One could easily replace the old Roman Catholic Church or Church of England with any Canadian University or the CBC and the end result is the same.  Indoctrination of the uninformed empowering totalitarian control by a small group of elites.  Karl Marx would be pleased.

Looking back at Canadian history, discontentment at the totalitarian nature of European monarchy was one of the prime motivators for early European settlers to make the dangerous and uncertain journey to “the New World.”

Living as a subject in an old European monarchy was to allow a group of elites with a monopoly on violence, empowered by the uninformed masses, to dictate every aspect of their lives, redistribute their livelihoods against their will, all while claiming to serve an abstract, unquestionable, greater good.

This seems like the mantra of Eastern Canadian progressives and their blind faith in socialistic climate change.

The acolytes of the Church of Climate Change in Ottawa and their zealous assertions that industries like the Alberta oil and gas industry be punished for committing the high sin of emitting too much carbon-dioxide.  Penance for such sin being redistribution taxes, made to the Holy See, his Holiness Justin Trudeau and his Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

One has to admire the courage of the early-European settlers of North America.

Unlike race baiting progressives who make false claims of “White Privilege” most Europeans in Colonial times realized the cost of staying in an unjust, totalitarian society was greater then the risk of setting out for an uncertain new beginning.  To divorce themselves from tyranny, with the hope of finding liberty at the end of a long, dangerous journey.

British settlers in particular set a tone for separation from “The Old World” that modern Western Canadian Separatists can learn from.

Unlike the rebellious American Revolutionaries, Canadian “Loyalists” (ironically, “Tories” like the political parties we tend to support in Western Canada) maintained a connection to Britain even after their separation and established a positive relationship that lasts to this day.

When the West separates from “The Old Canada,” there is no reason we cannot maintain positive diplomatic ties the way Canada did with Britain in colonial times.  Western Canada today is viewed by Eastern Canada with the same derision, condescension, and attitude of exploitation Canada was by the British as a colony in the Empire.  The government of Eastern Canada today is a mirror image of the religious monarchy in that era.

We have the record of history to see that as Canada divorced itself from Britain to form a new, independent nation, then and only then did it gain the respect it rightfully deserved from the British.  It had the chance to grow, thrive, prosper, and when asked for help by the former colonial masters, was eager to volunteer it.  It is interesting to note, that for as much as one third of this era, most of Western Canada was not a part of the Canadian confederation.

Today in Western Canada, we face the same choice the early British settlers faced.

Stay and let our lives be dictated by masters whose sole right to power is derived from the exploitation of an uninformed majority or set off on an uncertain journey of separation in the hopes of finding liberty and freedom future generations will thank us for.


5 thoughts on “The Church of Climate Change and the Coming, Uncertain Journey

  1. Just between us you could have injected some of the facts pertaining to the lack of evidence for climate change.
    Don’t get me wrong I DO agree but I was going to share and I was a bit disappointed this post went right to secession.

    Liked by 1 person

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