Thinking Rationally About Separatism

The night of the election, the minute I heard CTV declare the election a Liberal win (while the polls were still open in BC, I might add), I made the flash decision to go to the Telus Convention Centre in downtown Calgary to see the Conservative Party election “party.”

The mood was somber and defeated, although when Stephen Harper came out to give his closing speech, the crowd erupted with euphoria.

I am of the opinion Stephen Harper was a great leader and, for the position he was in, he did a very good job.

After the party had finished and I went home – the reality of the next 4 years of Liberal rule set in. That night, I did not sleep one minute.

All the possibilities of what that meant started racing through my head:

When will they prohibit my guns? How high will they actually raise my taxes? How will my daughters pay for the debt they will accumulate? Will the economy recover by the time they grow up? And so on and so on.

Each thought of the coming Eastern Canadian Liberal government, brought with it the temptation to let my emotions take control:

Anger, fear, despair, irritation, frustration, sadness, regret, hatred,

Each time, however, I took control of my emotions and mentally ran through all the possibilities.

One of the greatest flaws of the Eastern Liberal intellectuals is that they are very smart, educated people – but lack any degree of emotional self control.

The outcome of this election, I believe, is reflective of that fact.

The human mind has the potential for rational thought. That is, the ability to analyze information in a systematic way and come up with a logical idea.

As an Engineer, I am of the opinion this is the genesis of great innovation.

At the same time, the human mind equally has the potential for irrational thought. That is, to go through the same process and analysis a rational mind goes through but resulting in a completely illogical idea.

It is my opinion this is the thought process of a person who lacks emotional self control.

Why does any of this matter?

The commonality between an irrational and a rational mind is both come up with ideas. The rational mind comes up with practical, actionable ideas that make sense. The irrational mind comes up with silly ideas that make no sense.

So which is the idea of a new nation from what today is Western Canada?

There are naysayers, particularly in the East or who are fervent supporters of the Liberal Party, who will say the idea of a Western Separation movement is just a bunch of idiotic, neocon Western malcontents who are sore losers and angry that their dudes lost the election.

To me, the way to change that perception is to think rationally (not emotionally) about how to make the idea of a new Western Canadian nation a reality as opposed to relying on an irrational emotional reaction to the election that didn’t go the way I wanted it to.

One thought on “Thinking Rationally About Separatism

  1. I am fed up with how our Premier Notley and Prime Minister Trudeau are ruining this great Province. I think separation is the only alternative now. Sick of seeing our hard earned tax dollars going East. Separation all the way.


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