There is No Future for Young People in Canada

The only hope young people have is for Western Provinces to separate and form a new nation.

When you look at the age pyramid charts of Ontario and Quebec, Canada’s two highest population provinces, you see an unmistakable pattern: There is a significantly greater number of seniors than there are young people.



The implications of this cannot be understated.

As people grow older, they consume less causing less economic demand. They also start having declines in health requiring more expensive medical procedures, putting a greater burden on health care systems.

What happens on a large scale when there are more old people than young? The economy stagnates while the costs of public services go up, requiring significantly higher taxes.

When you look at Alberta’s age pyramid chart, you see a different picture. While there is still a bump from the Baby Boomers, subsequent generations gently taper off, rather than have a huge falling off as they do in Ontario and Quebec.

Alberta actually has the demographic picture where, on our own, the old will not be as significant a burden on the young and the young can produce the economic activity and tax revenues necessary to care for them.

In Ontario and Quebec, this is not the case.

The only way Ontario and Quebec can provide for their growing elderly population is by redistributing the wealth from the younger provinces (especially Alberta and Saskatchewan) to themselves.

This will mean a significantly lower standard of living for all Western provinces (particularly Alberta), to subsidize the loose living Eastern Canadian geriatrics.

This may sound callous, but the reality is Eastern Canadians had their chance to avoid this fate.

If the people in Eastern Canada created the economic conditions favorable for having children 40 years ago (around the time Pierre Elliot Trudeau legalized abortion) they would have had the population base that could sustain itself today.

Instead there are armies of geriatric Eastern Canadians with no young people to provide the economic engine and tax base needed to provide the services they need.

Instead, these old Easterners look Westward to the young, healthy, productive provinces and for the rest of their lives will vote for Federal governments to leach off of them like elderly vampire parasites.

In other words, Eastern Canadian progressives brought this fate upon themselves from poor decisions they made in their youth. Now they want Alberta and all of Western Canada to pay for it.

This reality cannot sustain itself. Each province’s young should provide for their own mothers, fathers, and seniors in their own local community. They should not be forced to care for elderly strangers in a distant land they likely have never even been to.

To stay a part of this literally “Old” Canada is to forfeit any chance of a decent future for young Canadians.

It is also to see Western Canadian seniors suffer huge declines in their standard of living because their generational peers out East were reckless and irresponsible, living for today as if there were no consequences for their actions.

There are always consequences, and one such consequence is for the West to separate.

Demographic charts:




2 thoughts on “There is No Future for Young People in Canada

  1. Kathleen Wynne is a corrupt Leader, and her bold dictatorship in forcing down our throats an explicit version of the Sexual Education curriculum is abhorrent.

    The Sexual Education curriculum was directed by a convicted pedophile (((Ben Levin))) who was found guilty in grooming parents to molest their pre-pubescent children.

    Though it was not 100% proven in court, investigators did find that Ben Levin posted in a private messaging forum that he had sex with 11-year-old family members, and that he couldn’t wait for his daughters to have grandchildren so that he will molest them too.

    Kathleen Wynne and Ben Levin were also close friends. Who knows if there is a pedophile agenda in Ontario? I’m not talking about 20-year-olds dating 14-year-olds as “pedophilia”, but these public sector goons like Ben Levin who abuse our very underaged children and promote sexual deviance on 5-year-old pupils in school by teaching them in a graphic method about the sexual parts of adult bodies.


  2. Some statistics for you:

    Median age of the resident population of Canada in 2017, by province

    So yes, Alberta is the third youngest after Nunavut and NWT but it is still only 9 years younger than the oldest province (Newfoundland) and only 3.9 years younger than canada.

    And don’t forget that alberta is also aging like the other provinces so it will face the same consequences.
    In fact, alberta already started feeling those consequences as explained in this very interesting article:

    Alberta’s aging population is a fiscal time bomb


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