The Irony of Trudeaumania: Anti-Establishment Youth voted for Pierre, Pro-Establishment Seniors voted for Justin

I believe that the unavoidable force of demographics will cause Trudeaumania to lead to an Alberta lead break up of Canada.

Statistically speaking, Alberta and Saskatchewan are the “Youngest” provinces in Canada. Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada are among the “Oldest.”

Trudeaumania 1.0 was a consequence of Eastern Canadian Baby Boomers hitting voting age in the 1960’s and 70’s. Trudeaumania 2.0 is a consequence of those same Eastern Canadian Baby Boomers hitting retirement age in the 2010’s.

Let’s call Trudeamania for what it is – populist progressive leftism, a soft form of communism, without the blatant and grandiose mass genocide.

The West, but especially Alberta and Saskatchewan, have never and never will buy into Trudeaumania. The true wealth in Canada lies in the West and Trudeau’s policy openly calls for the forced redistribution of wealth from the truly wealthy to the poor (that is, from Western Canada to Ontario and Quebec).

Look at the electoral map on Wikipedia and consider this. There are two, clearly blue provinces – Alberta and Saskatchewan, the youngest provinces in the country, swimming in a sea of red, with the most strong red support being provinces that have the most economically unsustainable demographic (more old people than young).

Ontario and Quebec are especially bad.

For decades and even with the recent downturn, young people from across the country have come to Alberta (and with the rise of the conservative Saskatchewan Party, Saskatchewan as well). The reason should be obvious. People of character want independence, not coddling and dependence.

Western Canada, but particularly Alberta and Saskatchewan, foster a culture of independence and self-reliance that is alien to the Eastern Canadian culture of interdependence and reliance on others.

As a Millennial myself, this is the most exciting reason for Western Separation. Independence.

Trudeaumania really is the last hurrah of the Eastern Canadian Baby Boomer Generation who were so enamored by the wealth redistributing, soft communism of Pierre Elliot Trudeau in the late 1960’s that they voted in groves for his son, promising the same tripe in 2015.

My generation (the generation after Justin Trudeau’s, the generation considered “Young” today) will have the privilege of facing the barren desolation this historically debunked economic and social ideology has produced every time it has been attempted..

I believe this will result in a large number of “Anti-Establishment Youth” who will view come to Trudeau as the establishment.

In time, just as their parents voted against the old, post WW2-establishment by voting for Pierre, I believe today’s young will vote against the Trudeau-establishment by voting to free the west!

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