The First New Post for Western Canadian Separatism

I’ve written a lot in the past few weeks about Western Canadian Separatism and I am very encouraged that tens of thousands of Western Canadian patriots have encouraged me to keep writing.

To that end, I started a new blog specifically dedicated to the subject, along with an archive of all my writings.

In the future, every post I share on Facebook will hotlink an article on this blog with the same text.

I titled my blog “New Alberta Separatist” because I am an Albertan, through and through.

I do not feel I have any authority to speak on behalf of British Columbians, Saskatchwaners or Manitobans, but I earnestly believe that each of our provinces are unfairly exploited under the current Canadian confederation and have no legitimate recourse in our federal, democratic system.

I envision a new Western Canadian Confederation, where each of our provinces have strong, democratic governments accountable to their citizens and where no central, federal government, geographically displaced has the power to rob those provinces of their liberty.

Who knows? In the passing of time, perhaps this new Western Canadian Confederation will grow to encompass what today is the entirety of Canada.

In the meantime, for the sake of our children and for future generations to come, Western Canada must be free from Eastern Canadian tyranny.

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