Maintaining Cohesion, Building Momentum – the way forward for Western Separation

Now that a few weeks have come and gone and we all face the reality of four more years of Eastern Canadian, liberal tyranny the time is now to come up with a strategy to forward this movement.

We have seen in the past few days a lot of rage, anger, surprise, and disbelief. I believe an effective movement cannot be built on these emotions and already we are seeing the seeds of disharmony and disunity as a result.

I will therefore ask each you to consider the following:

Regardless of who is in power in Ottawa the long-term interests of the West are never represented. Not for a lack of initiative or good intentions. The system of government in Canada is designed such that the west Will never be fairly represented Federally.

If you’re 100% certain that this statement is false then you should disengage from this movement immediately.

If you think there is a shred of truth in that statement, please read-on.

The first step for each of us who believe this statement is to educate ourselves.

The fundamental flaw of Canadian democracy is that uneducated, uninformed citizens have the ability to vote for what they do not understand. In essence, it is nothing but mob rule.

This is the reason our system of government is a complete and total disaster: people have no idea what they’re voting for, where the politicians they support stand, and what their government is actually doing.

Morons and crooks get elected whose corruption and lack of integrity morphs the government into an unnecessarily complex and overreaching abomination.

On the off chance a decent politician is elected, the entire government is so utterly broken, said politician’s hands are tied in what they can do to change it.

If we are to start our own new nation we need to start fresh having an informed citizenry building a system of government to that stands for the freedom of those people in a way that can be understood and held accountable.

Having educated ourselves, the next step is for each of us to have a strong answer to the question “Why does the West need to separate?”

When the American founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence to King George III, they had a long list of grievances against the king. Regardless of your opinion of the Americans, this approach is one we should seek to emulate. Here is why.

If we formulate legitimate grievances against the current system, in the new system we create we will have the framework and guidelines to know what to do to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.

More immediately, to get from where we are now (plebs beneath the thumb of a totalitarian eastern Liberal tyranny) to where we want to be (a free people in a free nation), we will need to come up with a defense for why this movement should even exist.

Each and everyone of us have people in our sphere of influence who will ridicule us, challenge us, or simply ask: “Why separate?”

If our response is nothing but unrestrained, uninformed emotion, we will never convince anyone that separation is a rational decision, and on the off chance that we do, we will never create anything worth pursuing.

The next step is to start taking real action.

Social media is a great way to educate yourself and to have discussions that develop the defense for separation, but there has to be real world action to grow the movement in size and influence.

Start having conversations with people, engage people who do not believe in Western Separation – your friends, family, coworkers people on the bus, people at Starbucks.

Write letters to your Federal MPs and Provincial MLAs.

Declare loud and proud that “I am a Western Canadian Separatist!”

We may be a small voice now, but all great movements start with one person standing for what they believe in the face of great opposition.

Simply put, for us to have a shot we need popular support of the people in the provinces we live in. Real action is how we build that support.

To that point, there is a fundamental challenge that we will need to eventually plan for. We are not at the point yet but it is something we will have to eventually overcome.

Once we have built popular support for Western separation, we need to push for provincial referendums asking the question “Should our province separate from Canada?”

This step is a potentially the biggest source of division among us.

Canada was designed so that the western provinces would have a difficult time uniting to separate. We need to overcome this challenge now.

Alberta and Saskatchewan will likely be the provinces where it will be easiest to build up a popular separatist movements but I am of the opinion that this should not discourage other provinces from doing the same.

My opinion as an Albertan is we should strive to build a New Western Canadian nation from BC to Manitoba, but that is a long way from where we are today.

First things first, we have to build up the movements individually in each of our provinces with a compelling case for separation.

I’ll close with my personal vision for Western separation.

I want the west to separate from Canada because I see no future for my children under this current system of federal governance.

Canada has been a great experiment.

It has accomplished great works, it has done much good in the world, and many of the principles and values that Canada once stood for were beacons of hope and decency for the world.

As little as 30 years ago, I had the privilege and honor of experiencing it as a first generation Canadian. I grew up with it, I had (and have) a strong sense of “True Patriot Love” for what Canada once was. As a younger man, in the Canadian Armed Forces I was proud to have served and defended it.

But in the last 20 years, this nation has entered into a decline. There were ups and downs including a decade of stabilization under Stephen Harper.

But the reality is with the defeat of the Conservatives by Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada, a man and a Federal Party with the clear intention of undoing everything that held this country together, the divisions in this nation that caused the decline are obviously going to manifest.

These divisions are black-and-white’s, and in response we have historically created gigantic gray areas where we could mutually coexist.

I am certain those gray areas will start disappearing.

There will be no more gray area for us to compromise on what we believe in, who we are, and what we do.

In short there can be no more compromise, nor should there be.

There can be no compromise for the principles of freedom liberty, self-determination and fair representation in governance.

Friends, the only way to stand for these principles is for the West to separate from Canada.

One thought on “Maintaining Cohesion, Building Momentum – the way forward for Western Separation

  1. we have the farming ranching oil and gas forestry potash and other minerals two deep water ports. We have been sending BILLIONS in Federal taxes and equilization payments to Ottawa for too many years. there are many small countries in the world that have little or no resourses or large tracts of land.We can have a great future by breaking the ties to Eastern Canada; but it will take a lot of work to organize .

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