If You Live in the West, Your Vote was Meaningless

If the West separated, it would matter.

Going by the Federal results, a government of just Western Canada would have been a strong Conservative majority with 54 seats, the Liberals as official opposition with 29, the NDP with 20, and the Greens with 1.

Regardless of who you voted for – your vote did not matter.

From BC to Manitoba, there are only 104 seats. Ontario has 121, Quebec has 78. Eastern Canada decided the Liberals should hold dictatorial powers in the 2015 election, just as they had decided the Conservatives should in 2011.

There was so much hype this election about “making your voice heard” but when CTV and CBC made the announcement while the polls were still open in BC that the Liberals had won the election, that was the clearest revelation that Canadian democracy is a sham.

If you live in the west, whether you are a conservative or a liberal, your voice does not matter.

Many Western Separatists have put forward submissions for policy that a new Western Canadian nation should adopt. My assertion all along is that it is premature to do so.

First, we need to come to grips with and spread the word about the dismal reality of staying a part of Canada: you have no voice in the selection of the Federal government if you live West of Ontario.

If you live in Western Canada, your vote does not matter.

The highest priority of a separate Western Canadian nation should be to structure a system of government that does not duplicate this hideous form of distinctly Canadian tyranny.

When we form our new nation, our highest priority must be to create a system of government that does not disenfranchise the people. A system where the people are the highest authority to whom the government answers. A system where every vote genuinely matters, no matter where you live.

This means coming to grips with the reality that not everyone out West is a fiscal and social conservative.

For us to create a nation better than the one we leave behind we must create a government that enfranchises all citizens and that is held accountable to and by them.

We should not create a the Canadian “mob rule” style of government that selfish and corrupt Canadian politicians and media spinster game and manipulate, winning votes strategically to benefit one region at the expense of another.

We can do better than that.

We HAVE to do better than that.

The democratic disenfranchisement of all people is universal to all of us, no matter what our political beliefs are and I say it is the single greatest reason why we must free the west.

2 thoughts on “If You Live in the West, Your Vote was Meaningless

  1. In a democracy, majority wins !!!! …. Suck it up Western Canada !!!! …. End of debate !!!!! …. as Quebec realized after they lost their chances to separate !!!!!

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    1. We have the legal right in Alberta to hold a democratic referendum to separate from Canada. If 51% of Albertans voted YES to separation, the majority wins and Alberta has the legal right to separate. That’s how democracy works.


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