Gun Politics: Western Canadian Tradition versus Eastern Canadian Delusion

Gun politics in Canada illustrate the East versus West problem with our system of federal government and why the West MUST seriously take Separation into consideration.

When the Liberals were elected in 1993, after the massacre at a Montreal university they brought about strict gun-control measures unseen in Canadian history, Bill C68.

The underlying cause of the Montreal massacre was never the guns.

The shooter was raised by a misogynistic, Islamist father and suffered from mental health problems resulting from the trauma of his parents messy separation. Eastern intellectuals did not care about reality. They viewed gun ownership as an affront to their vision of Canada and the Montreal massacre gave them political cover to act.

The West was outraged.

In Western Canada, mental health and extreme Islamist misogyny are not and have never been prevalent issues. This is most clearly illustrated by how in 20 years since, there have been no gun massacres in Western Canadian universities or otherwise to compare to the Montreal massacre, even though Western Canada has a more vibrant gun culture. In the same time window, there have been several high profile shootings out east.

Bill C68 prohibited huge numbers of firearms, brought about stricter safety training and licensing, and brought about the hated long gun registry. This was on top of already existing gun laws that were never struck down but rendered unnecessary and redundant.

Stephen Harper while in opposition promised Canadians that he would repeal C68. A promise Western Canadians have never forgotten. However despite being in power for 10 years including with a majority mandate, he never followed through.

It is my opinion his reason was to appear to be moderate to Eastern Canadian voters and the eastern controlled mainstream media who would have accused him of turning Canada into gun toting, white supremacist, Southern American backwater.

This irrational assertion ignores the fact that many immigrants, especially Filipinos (of whom there is a massive population in Western Canada) bring with them a vibrant gun culture from their home nations and that Canada, especially Western Canada, has it’s own unique gun culture, fundamentally different from that in the US.

In other words Stephen Harper had to sacrifice the legitimate interests and values of Western Canadians to appease the irrational sensibilities of Eastern Canadian intellectuals.

Harper did bring about Bill C42 which did not make any radical changes to Canada’s existing firearms laws.

It’s streamlined and removed obsolete and redundant bureaucracies and regulations that were no longer necessary. It also gave the democratically elected Minister of Public Safety the power to overturn a finding from the RCMP firearms lab. In effect, giving a democratic recourse to protect citizens from police abuse of authority.

Ultimately, the end result of C42 was to streamline all of Canada’s gun control measures to be similar to those of Alberta.

Of course, Eastern Intellectuals and fascists, led by Justin Trudeau will have none of it. In their 2015 election platform, they promised to repeal it.

Eastern Canadian intellectuals also routinely parrot gang violence as the reason the federal government needs to take action to “take handguns and assault weapons off our streets.”

While gangs exists in all cities, it’s only in Eastern Canadian Toronto, a city of total corruption and degeneracy (what do you expect from the nations banking capital?) where gang related gun violence is a part of everyday life.

In Toronto, Eastern Canadian intellectuals and their fascist police chief, Bill Blair, sent SWAT teams after senior citizens with duck hunting shotguns to try to stop young, drug dealing homeboys from shooting each other with handguns smuggled from the US.

This is the same Bill Blair who sent riot police to mass arrest peaceful protesters during the G8 summit.

Bill Blair was elected as a Federal MP with the Liberal party.

That’s how Eastern Canada rolls – fascist, authority abusing, police chief as for Minister of Public Safety!

As a Western Canadian what is infuriating about this is that it is a clear that in order for us to have elected officials who represent our interests and values, we have to expect and assume that Eastern Canadian sensibilities will always come first.

It is too obvious what the West and East value are not compatible:

Eastern Canada has severe problems with gangs, Islamist extremism, and mental health that manifest in daily public violence. Western Canada does not to any such degree.

Eastern Canadians value totalitarian security. Western Canadians value liberty and freedom.

Eastern Canadians value massive, overreaching government safety nets. Western Canadians value the freedom to succeed or fail.

Eastern Canadians like being brainwashed by State owned and big corporate mainstream media. Western Canadians would rather think and form opinions for themselves.

Eastern Canadians love aborting their children and teaching those they don’t about anal fisting and BDSM in kindergarten. Western Canadians love their children and train them up to be morally decent, responsible human beings capable of exercising restraint and self control.

Eastern Canadians would rather pass on a legacy of debt and despotism to future generations. Western Canadians prefer to leave future generations a legacy of a strong economy, fully paid for, with a culture of freedom and opportunity.

The 2015 Electoral map clearly illustrates that Western Canadian principles, values and interests will not be represented in Parliament over the next four years.

Even then, if in 2019 by some miracle, a government is elected that claims to represent Western Canadian interests, recent history illustrates they will compromise and put Eastern Canada first, Western Canada last.

While the Conservatives were most recently in power, the Edmonton based National Firearms Association (NFA) recently had a public campaign with a picture of an AR-15 superimposed on an AR15 with the words “No Compromise.”

In response, the Conservative party distanced themselves from the NFA, and instead aligned themselves with the Toronto based Canadian Sport Shooting Association (CSSA).

Entirely symbolic of a “compromise” that all Western Canadians will have to make, should we continue to remain in this Confederation.

The time to get talking about Western Separation is now.

No compromise.

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