Gun Control is Really Western Canada Control

According to Canadian Federal law from a practical perspective, there are 3 lawful reasons for a person to privately own a gun in Canada.  Hunting (including pest control), collecting, and target shooting.

Self defense is NOT recognized by the Canadian government as a lawful reason to own a gun.  The Canadian government, always chosen by Eastern Canadian voters, believes people have no right to protect themselves.  But I digress.

By Federal Canadian law, hunting and pest control can only be done with “Non-Restricted” classified firearms.

Whether it’s farmers shooting gophers and coyotes or hunters harvesting elk, these kinds of activities can only be done with low ammunition capacity, long barreled rifles and shotguns (no handguns).

Target shooting and collecting can run the full gambit for firearms, cosmetically “traditional” long rifles and shotguns or “modern” firearms including rifles, shotguns, and pistols with a more militarized “tactical” appearance.  It is for these purposes that one tends to find “Restricted” and “Prohibited” firearms.

When you examine the statistics according to the RCMP, you see an interesting phenomenon that is only explained by different cultural attitudes between the West and East when it comes to guns.

As there is no more long gun registry in this country, it is impossible to say what the distribution of “long guns” is.  These are gun generally used for hunting and pest control although thanks to the idiocy of Liberal politicians and bureaucrats, also includes many delightful modern firearms that fit into the “scary” looking category:

Today in Canada, the only firearms that are lawfully required to be registered are those that fall into the “restricted” or “prohibited” category.  These are all handguns and certain rifles and shotguns that are either “named” (as in, an ignorant politician, probably a Liberal, decided it was scary and needed to be restricted or prohibited) or by some arbitrary set of poorly thought technical requirements thought up by some Liberal in the 1990’s.

Regardless of the category of firearm, a license is required in order to lawfully possess a firearm of any type.  This means every law abiding hunter, target shooter, and gun collector in Canada has a purple plastic card, issued by the Federal Government.

Analyzing statistics (December 2014), you can make some clear conclusions about differences in attitudes about gun ownership between Western Canada and Eastern Canada.


First, Westerners are more comfortable owning guns than people in Ontario.  This is evident from the facts that the “Licenses per 100,000 population” is higher than the national average (5942) in Alberta (7177), Manitoba (7010), and Saskatchewan (9463).  While below the national average, even British Columbia (5731) is higher than “below-average” Ontario (4362).

Quebec’s licensing statistic (6270) is interesting, in that it’s level of firearms licensing is higher than Ontario’s, the national average, and almost comparable to all the Western Provinces.

This, however can be explained by statistics for “Restricted and prohibited firearms per 100,000 Population.”  Remember, these are every legally owned handgun in the country and certain “scary” looking, modern military style rifles such as AR15’s, AK47’s, and certain CZ858’s and Swiss Arms.

Every Western province has a high level of ownership of these firearms, well above the national average (2724).  Alberta (4799 – we’re number 1!), British Columbia (3694), Manitoba (2848), Saskatchewan (4518).  This can only mean that Western Canadian provinces have a greater comfort with handguns and military style long guns, whose only “legal” reason for ownership is to target shoot and collect.

Ontario (2612) and Quebec (1230) clearly have hunters and farmers, but apparently they are too civilized for the brutishness of handgun or 3-gun target shooting that we Westerners enjoy.  This is an obvious cultural difference between the East and the West but also highlights the hopelessness the West has when it comes to Federal politics.

If we examine the political history of Stephan Harper’s tenure as Prime Minister, one critical point that caused much stir in the Canadian firearms community was the then governing Conservative’s alignment with the Toronto based “Canadian Shooting Sport Association” and the “Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters” while snubbing the Edmonton based “National Firearms Association” and the myriad of Western Canadian sport shooting and hunting associations.

This is a clear indication of the Conservative’s pandering to Eastern Canadian votes at the expense of Western Canadian culture.

Right before the election, the Conservative’s did what many in the main stream media termed “dog-whistle” politics, by exercising a provision of Bill C-42 that many gun owners, especially Western Canadians appreciated.  C-42 was a law the Conservatives passed in response to the RCMP arbitrarily (and many believe, maliciously) reclassifying two firearms (the CZ858 and Swiss Arms) to prohibited, effectively making it illegal for their owners to possess them.  With C-42, the Conservatives overturned the ruling.

The Liberals campaigned to repeal C-42 and “get handguns and assault weapons off our streets.”  The same guns we love out in the West, the Liberals are going to take away.  Out west, we like our handgun and paramilitary “assault weapons.”  Out east, they like their single shot, bolt action deer rifles and break action duck guns (we like those out West too – we like all guns).  The difference is Eastern Canadian politicians want to take away our guns out West.

The hopelessness and futility of the west in Federal politics is even more clear in that Canadian gun laws as they are today were established in the late 1990’s by the Federal Liberal’s through Bill C-68.  Most of C-68 is still in effect.  The Conservative Party, while in opposition, campaigned that they would repeal it.  Though they had a majority for 4 years and never did.

They threw Western Canadian gun owners scraps by doing what was politically expedient and palatable: abolish the Long Gun Registry due to ridiculous cost overruns and pass bill C-42 – which will be abolished shortly by the now governing Liberals.

The Conservatives pandered to Eastern Canadian voters at our expense in the West – and lost.

Canadian gun laws today really reflect the entire state of the Canadian government’s unchanging attitude towards Western Canada on issues well beyond gun control: restrict, prohibit, register, and regulate into submission.

It is time to separate.

14 thoughts on “Gun Control is Really Western Canada Control

  1. I honestly just hear another redneck/American bitch about the liberals getting in, it’s ridiculous to separate from Canada, there obviously more hunting in the west which would explain high ownership of guns, but like come on, having this as a reason to depart the country as well, get your head out of your ass, it’s selfish, along with the other how many butt hurt people there are here in the west cause Harper didn’t get in. The more well off people are just selfish and don’t care for the middle class, and there is tonnes of middle class in the west. Boo hoo yes the oil is over here but doesn’t give us entitlement to it all, yes it’s in Alberta and Saskatchewan but guess what, those provinces are also what help make up Canada, so stop your bitching the west won’t ever separate from the rest of Canada, Quebec has a better chance at separation and that won’t even happen. Everyone who wants to separate should just leave and move to America cause that’s what it sounds like all of you want.


    1. Actually Zachary, Harper is one of the biggest reasons Alberta should separate. He did a good job keeping the separatist movement in check his time in office, but the reality is that no where on earth is there wealth redistribution on the scale of the transfer from Alberta to Eastern Canada

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  2. Dear sir,

    Even if I am a Quebecer, I’m very comfortable with your way to see fire arms. My grandfather had guns. My father had guns. I own a firearm since I was 15. I am 64 now. I did some research on Statistic Canada. In 2012, for one death by firearm (suicide, accident, murder), there was 40 deaths by medical mistakes and 70 deaths on the road.

    Drivers have driving license. Medical persons have license(s). Guns owners have license. So, were is the difference? Might we think that gun owners are more responsable than others according to those nunbers?

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  3. A well written piece, and quite accurate as far as I know.. I thought the CBC map on election day was quite revealing. The 4 western provinces were almost entirely solid blue, whereas the eastern provinces were almost solid red. All of the North was also red, more, I expect, for economic reasons than gun control.

    It presented, to me at least, a logical line to separate eastern and western interests.

    The 49th parallel has never made sense to me, as the geographical separation clearly follows the north/south line of the Rockies, thus facilitating trade and transportation. There will be many who would not be interested in merging with the states, but it is an option worth consideration. The costs of establishing a newly separated country will be enormous.

    Just a few of my thoughts as I enjoyed your article.
    Dave Napper
    Vernon, BC

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  4. Separation of a western Canadian state from Confederation might be possible, if a) reasonable, intelligent leadership could be found amongst advocates, or b) the first priority of a western separatist state wasn’t owning more firearms. One trick pony, I’m afraid. This blog, self-congratulating itself on being sensible and logical, is simply the ramblings of someone who has not a single clue about nation-building. Hint: it doesn’t start with owning handguns and automatic weapons.
    Put your big engineering brain to work on that concept; if it isn’t about gun ownership, what should nationhood be about? That might make a good blog post.

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  5. Separation! ? That’s a crock of S@#*, get your head out of your asses ya bunch of pussies. We have issues with the firearm laws in this country yes but I don’t see the CSSA or NFA or anyone else for that matter organising rallies to put pressure on whichever government is in office at the time to have the laws changed in our favor. Instead we just sit on our asses like whining little bitches and post articles like this or posts on FB or Twitter etc. Enough of the BS let’s get off our butts and make things happen!


  6. Firearm / self-defence rights are not the only reason for separation. Of course Quebec won’t separate when receiving billions of dollars from AB each year. Cut off the free money and see what happens… The East and West are fundamentally different by political views also. Who’s gonna lose with a separation? Not the West.


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